Anniversary Map Pack Heading to Halo Reach

Those who have Halo Reach, but aren’t really fussed about next week’s Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary will be pleased to hear they can still enjoy the revamped maps as part of some map pack DLC.

1200 MSP will get you access to the following multiplayer stages:

  • Battle Canyon
  • Breakneck, High Noon
  • Penance, Ridgeline
  • Solitary

As well as the Installation 04 Firefight map.  Halo CE Anniversary’s multiplayer mode is essentially Reach, and thus it’s nice (if not a little pricey) to have the option.

We’ll have the full review of the Halo remake next Monday at 2pm. It’s a bit of a belter.

Source: Official Halo Site


  1. Interesting. Doesn’t this negate the need for Halo CE: Anniversary’s multiplayer altogether? Reach sold pretty well and it is essentially the same multiplayer component, I think. Seems a bit of an odd move.
    Nice for gamers to have options though.

    • I think it’s cool. Some people might have only got CE for the online maps, no need now. Good move I think.

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