Bioshock: Infinite To Have PS Move Skyline Gameplay?

Well done to TSA member Klart who posted the following comment when Sony leaked that the BioShock Infinite will be getting a special PS Move peripheral.

I think I’ll be quite close to the truth if it has something to do with the possibility of attaching yourself the the rails

Ken Levine has been talking to the PlayStation Blog and was asked about the inclusion of PS Move controls.


Of all the motion controllers in the world, the Move is the one best suited to a first-person shooter, and a lot of PlayStation games have done a great job incorporating it. I will say that we’re discovering some great opportunities with the Skyline gameplay.

Sounds like Klart might be on to something. For more words from Ken on Bioshock Infinite click over to the US PlayStation Blog.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. Klart do you work with Irrational Games? 0_e
    Well if this was a competition and Klart would be very lucky to get a prize.

  2. Michael Pachter is dead. Long live Klart!

    • Just to blow your mind – Maybe they are in fact one & the same??

      • 0_0
        I did not think off that….
        Scary thought though lol

      • Good god, no!

  3. just to say, i actually laughed a little at the tag line!

  4. Wasn’t it made clear at E3 that Irrational was looking into adding Move support? I can’t see any useful peripheral being made though.

  5. Time to employ Klart as a soothsayer methinks…

  6. Haha, never thought I’d see myself mentioned in a post like that. You give me too much credit.

    I thought it was rather evident; they mentioned a special use for the Move peripheral, so just shooting was out of the question; the characteristic new element for Bioshock Infinite were those rails, so I thought that was a no brainer.

    If you really insist on giving me a prize, a personal tag would be great ;).

    Something like Robot from the future or Soothsayer. :)

    • You shall be known as The pachter of TSA from this day forth. Unoffically and offically. *grabs a branding iron* This may sting for a bit.

  7. I can see Move working with the shooting side of things and the zipline but the plasmids(or Infite’s replacement for them) not so much.

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