DICE Ban ‘Hundreds’ Of BF3 Cheaters

The old saying is that ‘cheaters never prosper’ but perhaps we should update the phrase to ‘cheaters get their accounts banned.’

Battlefield 3 developers DICE have announced they have been busy with the metaphorical ban-hammer and will continue to wield it when required.


“This week we’ve banned hundreds of offending accounts and have stats-wiped accounts for exploiting (such as boosting)” said the official Battlefield 3 Twitter account.

DICE have a ‘dedicated team cleaning out those who disrespect the integrity of the game’ including those who have been exploiting a glitch with the Engineer’s repair tool which allowed players to gain thousands of points per match.

The Twitter account also (jokingly, we assume) tweeted that a Tier 1 ‘beards’ crossover with the characters from Medal Of Honor was on the wishlist.

Source: Twitter



  1. No one likes cheaters. DICE really don’t like cheaters.

  2. With Hammer of Thor, I ban thee

  3. Good news. However surely they are to blame for the Engineer tool thingy? People are going to exploit something like that, but it’s not really cheating, it’s just annoying when they are on your team and could be going for the objective!

  4. What engineers tool glitch was this? I hadn’t heard anything about it!

    Not that i would use someting like that anyway, as i prefer to play as was intended, but just interested is all.

    • It’s damaging and repairing your own EOD Bot so you get loads of points. I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of being in the same squad as two guys doing this, they go to a quiet corner of a map and repair the hell out of it. Must have been really exciting for them

      • Indeed! Sheesh.

        So i take it that was a hardcore type match then? I don’t think you can damage friendly vehicles in standard can you (although i could be wrong)?

      • My word, what lengths will people go to to cheat? I wonder if there was a watching paint dry glitch in MW3 or an observing a kettle boil glitch in UC3 whether they’d use those exploitys willingly?

      • Yeah I was on hardcore at the time, guess that would be the only way of doing it. I’d imagine after all that repairing you’d get a fair few ribbons at the end that should total a nice healthy score. But how f***ing boring

      • its only really in hardcore where I’ve seen people doing it, although once there was a guy in a normal game of conquest doing it by parking his EOD bot over a fire and repairing it like that. interestingly though this only works on the EOD bot, although you can damage over vehicles it only gives points for repairing the eod bot.

  5. I was in a game yesterday where I scored around 5000 points.
    I was pretty chuffed with myself. Thought I might have a chance of the MVP ribbon here, the guy that got it had over 23,000 points :|

    Pretty sure he must’ve been glitching or something.
    Not the awards score for ribbons etc, just for the round.
    I got 2nd MVP…still not got 1st :(

    • I know how you feel. I have about 12 2nd MVP ribbons and missed out on MVP sometime by 20 points, 30 points, and quite often lost 1st place within the last few second of the game. Keep trying, you will get it, eventually I got it!! TDM worked best for me!

      • I somehow got it first. I didn’t get 2nd or 3rd for ages after. By the time I got 3rd, I had 3 or 4 1st and about 12 2nds. Was thinking I’d never get it!

      • How annoying, you needed to play worse to get the 3rd one! :)

      • Yo think 20 points is close. Already had MVP but missed out on one by a point. I was on 2668 and the top was on 2669. How unlucky is that? And also got 3rd MVP last.

      • *you
        hate typos

      • Lol, 1 point. I would have been uber annoyed if I was going for MVP for the first time!! What also made mine really annoying is that I seemed to get my run of 2nd place in consecutive games, so always thinking, I’ll get it in the next one!! :)

  6. If they release glitched games, people are going to exploit it.

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game

    • No. In this case, hate the player for exploiting a *feature*. Glad to see these idiots are being taken down and punished. Now, if they could start purging the leaderboards of these guys.

  7. Banning cheaters is fine, but if you’ve left a glitch in your game, it’s your fault if it’s exploited. So on that bases, I think wiping stats of those that have exploited that is a bit harsh.

    • Yes and no. I think it’s fair that they have banned the cheaters for exploiting the glitch’s. DICE should have been quuicker to take them out, but that doesn’t mean people should ruin everyone elses fun by using the glitch’s to cheat.

      • True, but should you really punish them by banning them or totally reseting their stats for DICE’s mistake?

      • Yep, they should have known better than to exploit them. They could have reported the problems and left them alone, but they decided to abuse them instead. Other companies would do the same.

    • I would say wiping their stats would be enough. I don’t see how you can ban someone for taking advantage of your cock up. Its human nature.

      I took advantage of a Blockbuster promo they cocked up on a couple of months back. I’m not banned from there…. That involved real life and real money, they simply took it on the chin… life goes on.

      • I see what you’re getting at and yes it does seem extreme to ban them, but at the end of the day they did exploit problems within in the game and DICE have the right to ban them for it. Even if it is an extreme measure to take.

  8. Yay, no one likes cheaters! Great that they’re taking action on it too :)

  9. I think wiping the stats of the glitchers/cheaters is brilliant, not only will it show a more honest leaderboard but it will take all the best weapons and gadgets away from them too. I had much respect for Rockstar when they done the same for Red Dead so well done to DICE for doing what’s right

  10. Phew, glad I don’t play BF3 then. With that crazy rank trophy in there I can safely say I would be exploiting that design-flaw until it popped heh.

    • Not really that crazy a rank trophy, plenty of people had it a week or so ago. I think probably a similar playtime involved as reaching prestige on COD, wish there were online trophies for that!

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