More Problems For Batman: Arkham City

The Xbox 360 version of Batman: Arkham city seems to have another problem. A twenty-one page thread on the Arkham City forums indicates that many people are turning on their consoles to find that their saved games have vanished.

Light fingered feline Catwoman is a possible suspect, however we suspect the work of Batman’s most persistent enemy to date – ‘The Bug’. Investigations by Batman (using the pseudonym ‘Rocksteady’) have commenced.


We would very much like to fix the “disappearing save files” issue some consumers have been reporting with the XBOX 360 version of the game as quickly as possible. Thus far our QA department has been unable to reproduce this issue.

Other residents of the forum are reporting that The Bug’s previous efforts to defeat Batman by corrupting his DLC (very painful) have yet to be resolved.

Source: Arkham City Forums



  1. Disappearing saves is the worst, how did this, or the DLC not come up in testing? I can only assume it was marked as ‘non essential’ and ignored to avoid delays, no way it could have been missed.

    • Surely Rocksteady saying that they have been unable to reproduce the issue shows that it has been missed.

  2. Such a mess of a game. Aside from BF3 this has been the biggest disapppointment of the year for me

    • How was BF3 (MP, SP I agree with you) disappointing?! Much better than MW3.

  3. Best spin put on an article I’ve seen in many moons.
    Goord Jorb!

  4. No wonder I saw BAC 360 preowned copies all over

  5. Might be a coincidence, but my PS3 stopped working right at the end of Arkham City when I was finishing up the side quests, and I had to format my HDD. 400gb of stuff gone, with no back up because I’m stupid. Managed to re-download all my PSN stuff, which took a week, but still have game patches to install everytime I put in a disc. Plus of course, no game saves at all. It’s pretty balls tbh!

    • I’m guessing it’s an unfortunate coincidence (as this news seems to be specifically related to the Xbox version) – Although I will probably be wincing whilst playing through the last of the side quests now that you have said that!

  6. “Light fingered feline Catwoman”

    Good choice of words ;)

  7. ‘We would very much like to fix the “disappearing save files” issue SOME consumers have been reporting’

    Just the polite ones, the ones that were rude about it, F**k em!


    • Hah! That really did make me chuckle. If developers/publishers did do this sort of thing there would soon be far more polite people about online. :D

  8. still waiting to borrow this from a friend, so hopefully it will be resolved by then…

  9. not in the same league, or such, but i can’t redeem my catwoman code on my ps3. need to talk to the shop i got it from. such a shame as this game is one i’ve been looking forward to playing….

  10. Wow, I’d be seriously pissed if that happened to me. Hopefully the Bat can quickly squash this issue.

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