BioShock Movie Not In Any Rush

Ken Levine has spoken to IndustryGamers about the BioShock movie project. The game franchise was signed up to a movie deal in 2008 with Pirates of the Caribbean director, Gore Verbinski, due to direct. Since then, it’s stumbled, Verbinski has been replaced with Juan Carlos Fresnadilo (28 Days Later) and we’re still no closer to seeing Big Daddies on the big screen.

Ken Levine isn’t worried though. He seems more interested in the movie being right than in it being made soon.


For us and for Take-Two, it’s really got to be something that will give the fans something that they want, and, for those who don’t know BioShock, really introduce them to something that is consistent with the game,

In a world of cynical game-to-movie cash-ins (and vice versa), this is a refreshing attitude from both Levine and Take-Two. I think he’s entirely correct though. BioShock games are all about the atmosphere and the world they’ve built so getting that tone translated into a film would be pivotal to capturing the hearts of fans. Without the right tone, there would be little point in putting the BioShock name on it.

Perhaps Levine’s previous experience writing screenplays is allowing him a greater degree of creative knowledge and control over the project? BioShock fans will certainly hope that a movie gets made but I think that Levine’s got the right idea – don’t do it for that sake of doing it.

Source: IndustryGamers



  1. There could be a Bioshock film? They would be best off doing it in CGI to do it justice as Rapture would be able to be recreated and true to the game. I hope they don’t try to use both plots of Bioshock 1&2 as that wouldn’t make much sense.

    As long as Uwe video game grim reaper boll doesn’t get to even touch it, then there is a lot of potential for a decent film. I hope they don’t change it to modern day.

    • Agreed with Uwe Boll, if he has anything to do with this movie I am not watching it

      • With all due respect, Uwe did Postal and i consider it an amazing film.

      • Not sure I would go as far as to say it was amazing, but postal certainly was better than the bargain bin fodder he usually pushes out. It was actually somewhat enjoyable!

      • Postal was decent. I don’t know why Uwe Boll gets so much hatred from the game world. It isn’t as if he has screwed up some sacred cow. He has ruined Bloodrayne, House of the Dead, & FarCry. With Uwe Boll, none of these games would have ever gotten a movie deal.

        BTW, if you want to see Uwe Boll’s finest, check out Stoic. Not a game movie. Really great flick but read up on it if you are interested. It is a pretty brutal view containing scenes I can’t describe on here.

      • Well i might just like Postal a little bit more than the average guy. :) Can’t wait for III.

    • I don’t see why Rapture couldn’t be given a decent real-life treatment – It’s not like any of the settings in Bioshock couldn’t be recreated with a bit of imagination, or at least made to look workable.

      It’s the chracterisation of the setting (& of the characters themselves of course) that would need to be strongly looked at i think.

      Oh & i don’t think you need to be worried about Uwe (not in this instance anyway!) – I am pretty sure Ken would never let him near this. Otherwise the title of this piece would probably be ‘Bioshock Movie Rushed Out’ & Big Daddies would end up being Little Mummies (or something).

  2. I really do hope this is going to be made someday, as I cant get enough of Bioshock. I loved the games, the story and surroundings are absolutely amazing. Bioshock has taken my spot for best game of all time due to the massive plottwists in part 1.

    Seriously a must play and a must watch

    • With you here mate

    • if the movie follows the first game i really hope they can pull the twist off. that would send people into a frenzy to see that played out with the same value it had in the game

  3. Fresnadillo only did 28 Weeks Later!

    • 28 Days Later was Danny Boyle, right?

      • 28 Days Later was ace, 28 weeks later was ok, but seemed to be just a cash in with it trying to be as gorry and violent as it could.

      • I actually think both were overrated but I liked Danny Boyle’s Sunshine which is why I can remember his name at all.

      • I’m a zombie nut so lkie them over other movies. Not a fan of sit there and think movies, mor sit ther and watch the explosions kinda guy.

      • Sunshine was amazing!

  4. What a breath of fresh air. Bioshock deserves a decent movie and this makes me warm and fuzzy inside to see that its not going to be another DOA, Tomb Raider, Bloodrayne, Tekken etc etc etc.

    • Hear hear.

    • I think the Tomb Raider movies were actually rather good. I believe they’re the best a movie that has anything to do with Tomb Raider is ever going to be…

  5. Fan of Bioshock should seriously read the Bioshock: Rapture novel written by John Shirley (co-screenwriter for The Crow). It links the Bioshock 1 & 2 storyline and mainly follows Andrew Ryan and Bill McDonough, although all Bioshock characters pop up from time to time.
    It follows Rapture from it’s initial concept, spanning 15 years (1945-1959), ending with it’s downfall.
    It’s really, really good.

  6. This, IMO, is good news. No need to rush this. I am actually relieved that Verbinski was dropped. He would have probably cast Johnny Depp as Andrew Ryan. Ick!

    Loved 28 Days Later and it’s style. High hopes for this as long as they take their time and don’t just make a cash-in.

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