Minecraft Available On iOS Tomorrow

The iOS version of Minecraft will be available on iOS platforms tomorrow. Minecraft Pocket Edition (MPE) has already been released on Android devices, and some reports suggest that iOS and Android users can interact with each other over local wireless multi-player.

The MPE App will cost £5.

Yesterday it was confirmed that Minecraft had finally gone Gold 2 years after launch, the versions currently out being beta or alpha builds of the game.

Source: MCV



  1. Ooh, quite interested in this… Anyone who has played the Android version can you confirm if its basically “Minecraft” or Minecraft lite?

    Also, if this is opimised for iPad I might have to have a little geekgasm right about now?? :)

    • I haven’t played it – but i’m pretty sure it’s not the full minecraft. If i were you I’d get it on mac/pc. It’s fantastic.

      • I already have it on PC – just like the idea of playing it on the ipad :)

      • Cool, that’s fair enough. I think it’s like the free classic mode you get online.. day – no animals or enemies, no crafting, instant block removal, all blocks in inventory already.

    • It doesn’t have any crafting or foraging for materials, at the moment they’re already in your inventory, all you can do at the moment is build and explore… I think… I haven’t had that much time on it, just a quick root around.

    • You start off with a bunch of materials and there doesn’t seem to be any animals or creepers (or any other enemies for that matter).

      It’s feels like practice mode. I’ll certainly pay it some attention when survival mode is included.

    • I think it’s like Minecraft Classic (which is the free version).

  2. I want to see game of this on the iphone first, then I will gladly give my money to buy this… again! :) Bus journey

  3. In its current state the game is basically the create mode in the PC version of Minecraft minus, so you wont get any of the adventure features, mobs etc. In my opinion a much better block building experience on iOS is Junk Jack.

  4. I’d consider it if it came with a survival mode(not just a creative mode) and had tablet support.

  5. Waiting till it’s updated to ‘proper’ Minecraft (on android) before purchasing.

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