PSN Store Update: 16/11/11

With the deluge of top quality games being released at retail this month, you would expect the PSN Store to slow down a little bit. People love their downloadable content though, so perhaps the PSN can still shift units, even when the shops are full of highly rated discs tempting users to part with their cash.

Today we’re getting a new promotion which will run for a couple of weeks and discount the unlocks for those Trial & Unlock games you’ve been tempted with.


There’s also a couple of Move demos with Start the Party: Save the World and Move Fitness arriving and some minis, including Rumble Trucks, a stunt driving game and the adorable looking Where is my Heart.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood seems quite expensive considering that it’s over two years old now, although it might tempt a few who want the ease of access that a downloaded game offers. It’s certainly a much better game than the most recent Call of Juarez instalment. At £48, though, Black Ops is almost certainly best bought from a shop…

As usual, the full huge list is on the next page.

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  1. I really, really hate Need for Speed: The Run – Super Car Pack and Time Saver = Multiplayer will be hard to get some decent wins with a crappy car from the career…..

    • One way to make the 2 hours game play even shorter.

      • Oh yh keep forgetting it’s short lol

  2. Despite being critical of digital pricing, I bought FIFA for £55 last week when I traded my disc copy & a load of other games for Uncharted3, Bf3, MW3 & PSN Credit.
    I’ll play it for a year, and the £30 it cost me in addition to my trade-in is well worth it to not spend 12m of disc changing, load times are also improved.

    So if you play BlOps or any over-priced digital game a lot, it could actually be worth the extravagant amount, of course I wouldn’t do it if it was a more transient game.

    • Are the load times really that much better, particularly the “Advance” calender, and when making squad changes?

      I don’t think I’d pay £55 for it but I do love PSN games – not having to change disc is somehow satisfying, if a bit lazy.

      • No, advance calendar is roughly the same, just game load & a few other things are quicker.

      • This is the reason why the prices will stay at ridiculous prices.

    • It is on PC, *cough*

      • You wanna get some medicine for that cough – Lots of bugs around this time of year. :)

      • I know :(

    • FIFA for 55 quid… you’re getting paid too much.

  3. Some nice little DLC bits and bobs. Will be picking up the UC3 content (mainly because it’s free) and perhaps the Move Fitness demo just to compare with EA Sports Active.

    • Uncharted 3 stuff isn’t free which is annoying.

      • don’t go buying it, its supposed to be free. its now been fixed for the US and should be for the eu soon.

      • actually you can get it for free now through uncharted 3’s in game store. here’s what even wells said on the naughty dog forums about this and the doughnut lazarevic skin.

        Ladies and gents,

        This issue has now been resolved. We apologize for the delay in getting this right, but we’re doing our best to address as many issues as possible as quickly as possible. We are looking into refunding anyone who purchased the Killzone content and is also a member of the Fortune Hunters’ Club. More details as soon as we have them.

        And while we have your attention, here’s what else is on our plate:

        Looking into making Doughnut Lazarevic a part of the FHC content and refunding purchases of it. We are very sorry about the delay but we’re not forgetting about this one. We’re trying to get it resolved by the end of this week, stay tuned for an update!

        The next patch! We’re working like crazy to get it out the door as quickly as possible. Not ready to reveal what’s in it at this time, but we think you’ll be quite pleased once it drops. And, of course, we’ll be continuing to update the game via live updates.

        DLC! DLC! DLC! We teased a couple maps today in a blog update and there’s much more to come. Stay tuned for more details.

        That’s all for now. Have a good evening!



  4. Excellent, nothing for me this week apart from Access. Mind you, need to try the Rayman demo from last weeks downloads still!

    As there’s nothing else I might just add a tenner on to my PSN account and purchase the Uncharted 3 bundle-thing between now and Christmas. Anyone know if it includes the 3 soundtracks?

  5. Uncharted Sounds Tracks, cool. Wish you could get more games soudtracks, used to love, and still do it, putting PS1 disks in CD players and listening to the soundtracks.

    • you could do that!? wow now that is a feature modern games should have

      • Yeah most, but not all, of the games had the music as audio files that could be read by CD players. Wipeout being my favourite.

      • :O did not know that!

      • I seem to recall doing this myself actually & don’t even remember how i came across the fact that you could do it.

        Can’t remember if it worked for all games or just some though – My memory is telling me that it might have been just some, but my memory is bloody awful, so…

    • They’re actually the most interesting things IMO this update.

    • I totally forgot about that. That was so awesome :D!

  6. Christ, that’s poor.

    • And so am I, so I guess it works out well.

  7. Even though it’s a mini, I think Where is my Heart? is a great game and well worthy of a purchase if you don’t already have Plus.

    Other than that, I might pick up Outland but nowt else much.

  8. Had by hope up with that mistake… with PSone/PSP

    One moment it was huh??.. Ace Combat 3!!… oh its just that s***y real world one with an adv DFM

  9. It looks as if they’ve just piled in a load of old demos (e.g LBP2 FFS!) to hide the fact there’s nothing new that’s worth any money.

    • To be fair, the demo’s for the new special edition version, but you’re right, there’s sweet FA new this week.

    • whats the difference between the normal and special editions? and is the demo any different to the one that came out in February

      • The special edition has the Move and Toy Story DLC included, so I imagine the demo might have Move elements.

      • Ah, didn’t realise there was a new edition coming out, thanks.
        There’s still a massive lack of content though!

  10. Cars 2 demo! It’s not right how excited I am about that.

    • No Cars 2 demo.

      I can barely express my anger and disappointment at its failure to appear on the store. Just when you think things are looking up, something like this happens and your entire world comes crashing down. Why do we bother, really?

      I just don’t know what to do or say anymore. I feel so distressed I might get a box of cereal and go outside with the stray cats, put a blindfold on and attempt to eat directly from the packaging like some kind of mad-man. No milk!

      The world might as well end tomorrow because my life is over! Playstation, Cars and Darwins theory of evolution are all dead to me.

      Boo hoo.

      • What type of cereal? I wouldn’t recommend Weetabix. Or porridge.

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