Brink Devs Working On ‘Big Pop Culture’ Brand

A report on Industry Gamers has leaked what the Brink developers Splash Damage are working on.  Apparently they have signed a project based on ‘a major entertainment brand.’

The game will be multi player, use a polished version of the Brink engine and is based on ‘one of the biggest American pop culture brands of the last 50 years.’

Another hint is given in that the media company that owns the IP is ‘widely believed to have given up on the console publishing business.’

What this mysterious I.P. could be is up for speculation but to me it points to just one company. Disney. They have pretty much pulled out of the console market to concentrate on Facebook and mobile games and they have been around for well over fifty years.

Got another theory? Post it in the comments.

Update: Paul Wedgewood, CEO of Splash Damage, has said that this IG story is inaccurate. They’re only using the Brink engine for Brink updates and they’re not currently working with Disney or on a big pop culture property. So there you go. We’ll keep our ears open for what Splash Damage’s next project will be and let you know when there is more dependable information.

Source: Industry Gamers



  1. “The game will be multi player, use a polished version of the Brink engine and is based on ‘one of the biggest American pop culture brands of the last 50 years”

    Justin Bieber Deathmatch? Where you all play as Justin Bieber so that when you kill someone you get a deep sense of joy, which is also replicated when you yourself die?

    • Great idea, so long as you can set it to “Head Shot Only” mode.

  2. Wouldn’t it be a bit of a jump from Brink to Disney?

    • The lovely Wotta has pointed out on Twitter that Disney recently bought Marvel – so it could be based in the Marvel Universe.

      • Activision (and Sega) own loads of the Marvel rights as long as they keep making games (until 2015, I think). Which is why we get an average Spiderman game every year – they don’t want to give up the rights.

      • They dont own every character tho do they?

      • AFAIK there are weird rights loopholes that allow characters to appear in other games. Marvel Ultimate Alliance has Thor in it (just one of many examples).

  3. Could it be a viable Superman game, to possibly, but not limited to, tie in with the film series due out in 2013
    I doubt it is, but I really hope it is. There needs to be a good Superman game released…DC Universe Online doesn’t count ;-)

  4. Barbie?

    • Think outside the box people!

      Ronald MacDonald: Among Obese
      or maybe
      Coca-Cola: Mental Dental Deathmatch

      • Coca-Cola: Mental Dental Deathmatch sounds awesome.

  5. Nike: The Run

  6. Its American/western so its not so exciting.

    • What does being ‘American/western’ have to do with how exciting it is or will be?

      • Maybe he/she only plays the most mental of Japanese games.. But yeah I agree, there are many exciting western games,

      • Indeed, i believe symp does prefer his jrpgs, monster hunters etc, but that’s not to say that everything else is therefore pants.

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