City Interactive Working On WW2 Shooter

Sniper: Ghost Warrior studio, City Interactive, has today announced its newest project, a World War II first person shooter titled Enemy Front for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Details are scarce though we do know it will follow the exploits of an allied soldier working to sabotage Nazi war operations behind enemy lines, tracing the conflict from France to Berlin.


Like Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, Enemy Front will be using CryEngine 3 with Stuart Black (Black, Bodycount) taking position as chief designer. From what we can deduce from the handful of available screenshots, Enemy Front will sport a unique aesthetic, serving up visceral warfare with a slight cartoon tinge.

In terms of gameplay we don’t know what to expect; a multiplayer component seems likely but from the initial material at hand, it sounds as if City Interactive is really trying to push the tech-enhanced singleplayer experience.

Source: IGN



  1. Seriously? Were they asleep during all the years people were moaning about ‘yet another’ WW2 CoD/MoH? Let it go, FFS!

    • This was exactly my thought, ww2 fps are so last decade! They could do something like the Korean war or something a little different but surely not ww2 again!

    • I for one love WW2 shooters, World at War easily being my favourite game in the Call of Duty series.

      • I loved them, too. Used to buy all the CoD and MoH games. But it’s been done to death, and even I got sick of them.

        I’m bordering on sick of FPS in general, since they are essentially all the same… and I think BF3 will be my last for a while. But when I do buy another, it’ll have to be current, or set in the near future… perhaps even sci-fi. I certainly will never buy another WW2 FPS, no matter who makes it or how good it may be.

      • I think “I certainly will never buy another WW2 FPS, no matter who makes it or how good it may be.” is very narrow minded, sure, you might be bored at the moment, but no matter how good it is? Really…?

      • I was sick of WWII shooters too. But after the Modern War-era influx, a return could be fun. Still waiting on a Vietnam game that doesn’t suck. I’m looking at you Shell Shock!

    • Let it go like I want developers to let football games go? :-) Genres and sub genres become saturated but bringing something new to either one is nearly always embraced. If this is a great game, it’s a great game. Simple as that. If it’s not, then it will die a sad lonely death.

    • Paranoimia – on your own mate!

  2. Let’s at least give them a chance and see what they do that’s different from other ww2 shooters!

  3. Good, getting tired of modern FPS’s, looking forward to going back to MP40’s and Springfield rifles!

  4. I really like WW2 as shooters, It was really overused, but I’m bored of communist or middle eastern terrorist romps.

  5. Looking forward to this! my Favourite Call Of Duty storywise was World At War!

  6. Love WW2 shooters and yes World at War was easily the best COD game.
    Great story and loved being able to storm the Reichstag.

  7. Thank God they’ve ditched Chrome Engine.

  8. Seeing as the WW2 shooter is extinct. It will be intereting to see what City will bring to this to help revive interest in the WW2 shooter. I hope they don’t use the standard 2 weapons only system.

  9. My favourite CoD games were the original two set in the WWII era. I actually miss a fPS from that era. I don’t feel like I’m gaming properly without one. And hey we need something to tach the kids history, non of them pay attention in school!

    But, I was a little hyped for this, until I read that it’s going to follow the exploits of a single soldier behind enemy lines – now that has been done to death. I would like to see a squad based shooter set in WWII. Bring back Freedon Fighters, know it wasn’t WWII or FPS, but god that game was good!

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