PlayStation 3 is Five in the West

[drop2]Today marks the fifth anniversary of the PlayStation 3’s North American launch. Just six days after the Japanese debut and a good few months before Europe would be lucky enough to see it on store shelves, Sony’s HD monster roared into the US to take on the growing might of the Xbox 360.

It got off to relatively humble beginnings with a launch line up that was quite heavily reliant on sports titles and an astronomical price point of $599. Several hardware revisions, a sleek redesign and some simply unequalled first party software later, the PS3 is a credit to the console business.


We all have our stand-out moments in our PlayStation 3 history, that one instant when everything about the console seemed breathtakingly amazing. For me it was probably when I put the Metal Gear Solid 4 disc in to install and sat staring at the images of Solid Snake smoking a cigarette.

Every console I’ve owned has had that moment of graphical awakening where I was blown away by the fidelity I had previously considered impossible and this was the PS3’s for me. I’ve had more enjoyable gameplay experiences, there have been shocking announcements and amazing moments but this memory reminds me why I love new hardware.

Alex has another memory, more currently relevant:

Five years is a long time in videogaming, and whilst it’s not like the PS3 has been short of top moments, there’s one that really sticks in my mind and – to me at least – shows exactly the sorts of risks and gambles that those brave enough are willing to put themselves on the line for.

That moment is the first time I saw Journey running. It was a strange moment, amidst a flurry of high profile bombastic AAA shooters in some secret Shoreditch warehouse, but Jenova Chen’s dream (and Robin Hunicke’s effervescent approach) stood out head and shoulders above everything else.

I honestly have no idea if the full game will match up to the sections we’ve already played, but it doesn’t really matter. In five years of gaming I’ve never been so taken aback, so moved, so thankful for an opportunity, than that thirty minutes with thatgamecompany.

And if Journey’s their last PS3 game, then it’s particularly fitting.

Why not help us celebrate five years of PlayStation 3 by telling us your stand out moments with the console? Of course, we’ll also look forward to the next few years and, who knows, perhaps another few memories yet to be made?



  1. Well, this is an excuse to eat cake. Top moments, flower, Dead Space, Cronos, Uncharted, Half Life 2, Portal, Portal 2, Fallout 3. So much fun.

  2. For me the history of the ps3 can be summed up like so.
    First year, waiting. The second year, surprise under the tree, ps3 along with pes 08 & assassins creed – guess my parents must of noticed me paying extra attention to the tv when the tv spots came on!
    Bought MGS4 in the summer of 2008, what joy that was! Loved it!
    2009 was about wipeout hd! 2010 was resistance and fallout dominated along with pes 2010.
    2011 has ended ( locked up till exams ) but has composed of fifa and cod!
    Next year I shall be at uni, will the ps3 be joining me or won’t it? ;)

  3. I’m still experiencing stand-out moments today with my PS3. Uncharted as a series has so many moments that are simply stunning, but there have been some in 3 that I couldn’t be any more perfected. Resistance 3 had a few as well, like the two Widowmaker fights and the “haunted” town full of grim, Resistance 2 had the Goliath and the Leviathan, 1 had the game as a whole, Ratchet and Clank ACiT’s puzzles were immense, Fallout 3’s longevity, every other moment on God of War 3, Burnout becoming a free-roaming game and of course every time make a great pass/shot/clearance on whatever FIFA is the current one.

    Long live Playstation 3!

  4. 5 years gone, and 4 PS3’s I’ve had in my possession, only 1 of which died.
    1st PLAYSTATION 3 – Launch – Died after bricking at 99% firmware installation :|
    2nd PLAYSTATION 3 – Still downstairs, now my dads, only really gets used for the extremely odd BD :(.
    3rd – Silver PLAYSTATION 3
    4th – Launch PS3 (Slim)

    Suppose those are iconic moments, others include first time I flew out of a car windscreen in GTA IV, watching a TOW missile go inches over my head as I drive my jeep on Warhawk. Placing mines on jeeps and Kamikaze-ing into tanks, or jumping out just before.

    So many moments…
    …First time the LittleBigPlanet 2 trailer buzzed into life.

  5. My best PS3 memory was the very first play I had of it in a hotel in Hong Kong. My brother and I set it up and took to playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and even had goes with Burnout Paradise, Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction and GTA IV amongst some others. It was a great moment, especially with my brother.

  6. Getting YLOD on my precious 60GB :(
    Fixed but I don’t trust it anymore.

  7. Life wouldn’t be quite the same without the big black box of lovin’. My fondest memory? Probably that time I had that threesome in Dragon Age Origins ;) Fallout 3, MGS4 and Skyrim and Flower have all given me wonderful memories, I couldn’t choose one. Happy Birthday PS3!

    Actually I must say my fondest memory is when I first unwrapped and set up my phat PS3. What a feeling.

  8. Time flies!

    I remember getting a text message from Woolworths early on UK release day. I was at my girlfriend’s at the time. Lept out of bed, got dressed and left her haha.

    Stand-out moment? Hmm, probably Motorstorm. Very impressive for a launch title. Loved Resistance too.

  9. I have great memories of various games, a load from Warhawk, then there’s also Resistance local co-op, Flower, and the Uncharted games to name a few.

    Oblivion is quite a stand-out game for me, I never actually played any of the story (I was going to, but pissed off a load of NPCs right near the beginning by accidentally stealing a horse, and after that I got sidetracked and never went back). I put a fair number of hours into it, a lot of guild related stuff and exploring. Just like Dragon Age Origins I loved finding and reading books. Don’t remember being particularly good at fighting, though I do remember running away a lot, some of that down to exploring areas with enemies way beyond my current level.
    I’ve not got Skyrim yet as I just don’t have the hundreds of hours of spare time just now to plough into it. I should have the time once this year is over though.

  10. Simply stunning games since the begining.

    Uncharted 1/2/3
    Killzone 2/3
    Gran Turismo 5
    Resistance 1/2/3
    LBP 1 nd 2
    thats just some of he disk exclusives, you then have all the amazing PSN stuff.

    Last Guy (which I really liked, and play alot still)
    Pixeljunk series
    Castle Crashers
    Superstardust HD
    and so on…

    I also heard PSN is free and if you prefer to spend £40 a year, at least on PSN you get as tonne of free games and some handy things like overnight game updates/installs, cloud game saving and other stuff.

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