Street Fighter x Tekken Features Costume Customization And DLC

In most fighting games, you are generally limited to a preset selection of costume colors to choose from. In the case of SSFIV, each character had ten colors per costume. In UMvC3, there’s six variations per character. Street Fighter x Tekken, however, uses a different approach.

Capcom has revealed that players will be able to fully customize the color of their characters. The new edit mode allows you to change the color of your character’s hair, skin, costume, and accessories. It doesn’t seem to be as in-depth as Tekken’s customization mode but it’s still prYetty neat.


Street Fighter x Tekken will also have downloadable costumes much like Street Fighter IV. The gimmick this time is that characters will cross dress between the two franchises. Kuma (the bear) wears R. Mika’s wrestling attire, Yoshimitsu dons M. Bison’s gear, Chun-Li dresses up as Panda, and Julia tries to fool people into thinking that she’s Chun-Li. She’s not.

Check out the screenshots below to see the character swapping costumes in action.

Source: Capcom Europe, Capcom Japan



  1. DLC costumes for a game that hasn’t gone gold? Weak!

    • I don’t think it’s that surprising. We see talk about DLC pre-launch all the time.

      • I would rather they kept it under wraps to be honest. Ignorance is bliss!

      • Considering SSF4 & UMVC3 both have dlc costumes it was obvious this was gonna have some.

  2. Whoa..sicker than sick, sicker than a pogo stick!

  3. Wow, that really is bizarre.

    Guile and Ryu look top.

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