PSN Offline (Again)

Morning! How is everyone this misty Sunday? If you’re hungover then congratulations, you have something in common with the PSN which seems to be rather off colour.

The PSN Store is not working and displays either an error or the maintenance message. The early rising TSA member Roynaldo has just tried to sign and and guess what – he can’t.


Slightly more concerning is the that the PlayStation website login is also offline, if you try to enter your username you get proxy errors or a blank screen.

I’m going to saunter up the road to get a nice full English,  I suggest you do something similar.

Update: It seems to be back up again. Just a hiccup then? Can’t say I blame it, to be honest, I don’t feel much like working on a Sunday morning either. [cb]



  1. Meh, was enjoying a rather good spell on BF3 there as well :)

  2. Not a happy panda, I was half way through a hockey game, my team were 2-0 up and I was auto signed out, now I can’t watch the end as Gamecenter requires a PSN sign in.

  3. there was an update the other day that was optional and i didnt bother so there might be something new on the way anyone know what it was for??

    havent been able to sign in all morning so hope its up soon lol mcdonalds brekkie wrap x2 it is then lol

  4. I’m downloading new firmware now. Did seem strange wouldn’t let me sign in but then checked the software update and said a new version was found. Good job I looked – thought it was at my end.

    • Just finished the update but still can’t sign in. Now I’ve got no excuse not to do the washing up! :(

      • @obiadekanobi. Just noticed your comment. Think the update I just did was that one then. :(

      • i did that last week is there annother one since then??

  5. Remember that they had just applied the update to stop gamesharing – it could be that what ever changes they made may have broken something/caused a bug in the backend.

    I guess this means I have to get on with my coursework… gah, productivity!

  6. It’s back online.
    Just signed in :)

    • The website is showing the orange/amber light for Network partial availability at the moment, so I’d imagine that account management is off limits for the time being!

    • me too all good now they keep taking things off us and then they screw up the service they provide to us its like they dont give a f$$k anymore i wish sometimes we had to pay for the service, only then us a gamers would have any rights when the service goes down

  7. its back on now like nothing happened

  8. Even after the update, the connection is unstable. Hopefully sony resolves the issue within an hour or so. Craving for some BF3!

  9. You can still play Red Dead Redemption MP. Triple XP weekend too.
    Anyone fancy helping me get the Posse Up! trophy. Only need that and The Quick & The Everyone Else trophies for platinum.

  10. 2 accounts instead of 5 so thats even less we get now for free lol

    • Well no, not really, since this is all stuff we have to pay for, remember?

      • lol i was being sarcastic alittle bit!! if you have 3 ps3 like me its a bit of a drag having to go through all this de/reactivate shit just to play on a console i paid for and the content i have bought already and paid hundreds of pounds for

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