PSN Offline (Again)

Morning! How is everyone this misty Sunday? If you’re hungover then congratulations, you have something in common with the PSN which seems to be rather off colour.

The PSN Store is not working and displays either an error or the maintenance message. The early rising TSA member Roynaldo has just tried to sign and and guess what – he can’t.


Slightly more concerning is the that the PlayStation website login is also offline, if you try to enter your username you get proxy errors or a blank screen.

I’m going to saunter up the road to get a nice full English,  I suggest you do something similar.

Update: It seems to be back up again. Just a hiccup then? Can’t say I blame it, to be honest, I don’t feel much like working on a Sunday morning either. [cb]



  1. I love a bit of over reaction.

  2. I somehow get the feeling either Tuffcub or CB were hungover when typing here, one of them just doesn’t want to be working on a Sunday….then again who can blame them lol.

  3. Its back, now you can spend the rest of the day looking for any other problems to print about the ps3 or sony[that is all gaming sites seem to do]

  4. I’m getting constant 400 bad request warnings since Thursday’s “maintenance”. It has become impossible to log into any Sony or first party website.

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