New Starhawk Dev Diary

A new video has been posted by Sony that shows more behind the scenes action from the Starhawk team. Developers Lightbox explain the journey from Warhawk to Starhawk, including the ‘hate sessions’.

The Starhawk private beta will go live tomorrow and a select few Warhawk players will be receiving beta passes. You can increase your chances of getting a pass by requesting updates via the official site.

Sony say the invites are being “slowly rolled out”, which explains why my inbox is Starhawk free.

Source: YouTube


  1. Coop? Day one purchase.
    I’m kidding. I planned on getting this back when they revealed it. :)

    • In planned on getting this until they revealed it, sadly I have been put off.

  2. Sooooooo hoping I get an invite this week, preferably tomorrow. Can’t wait for this.

  3. I like the kind of “Firefly” vibe

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