Batman: Arkham City Video Book Review

Here’s a little video we made with the Batman: Arkham City comic book. The book tells the story of what happened after the events of Arkham Asylum and before the start of Arkham City.

It’s a great piece of writing that fills in some of the gaps and gives Arkham City a little more grounding in the greater picture of Gotham’s politics and problems.

Direct link: YouTube.



  1. commendable job peter, well reviewed :D

  2. Where can I get these books?

  3. looks pretty good.
    if sony hadn’t abandoned their comic store the comics probably would have been available on the store, and i might have bought them.

    but then dc had been setting stupid prices for their comics on the store.
    unfathomably they were more than the print versions.

    and i bet here they don’t cut out the catwoman content for preowned buyers either. ^_^
    probably just because they haven’t figured out how to do that with a book yet.

    • I really liked the PSP’s Digital Comics application but I have to admit that I didn’t use it much after I got an iPhone and Comixology. The interface was just better. Now I have an iPad it’s a better interface and a much better size that keeps me with Comixology.
      Hopefully the Vita will see a relaunch of the Digital Comics platform and the touchscreen will allow for a nice user interface.

    • Actually if you bought the series as single issues there was an exclusive Robin story if you bought it online. People who bought the physical copy (like me) got nothing extra, beyond the feeling of actually holding a comic.

  4. Yay for more video work! Well done video, good review. I’m interested…

    • Forgot – love the t-shirt..!

  5. Nice review – love the T-shirt!
    Bought Arkham City game at weekend, have played first hour or so, fantastic beginning, loving it.
    Am ordering the comic now, also spotted Batman Inc. Love Grant Morrison, is it any good?

  6. Sorry didnt notice baconnuts had already mentioned T-shirt, feel the love!

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