New LoL Champion Is An Armoured Polar Bear

Riot Games, the studio behind insanely popular MOBA, League of Legends, is gearing up to launch yet another champion, adding to its existing roster which already harbours over 80 unique playable characters.

The latest recruit, from what we can see, is a polar bear suited in archaic armour, also imbued with the power of lightning.


Aside from a name (Volibear) and the image above there little else to go on; at first glance we’d expect the newest champion to fall under the tank (high HP count, capable to drawing in crowds of enemies) archetype though given the emphasis on his electric powers, Volibear may be built more towards ranged DPS.

Source: League of Legends – Champion Sneak Peak



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  2. Unholy black Polar Bear I call you… bring lighting & terror to this arena to end this bloody hell…

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