Batman: Arkham City ‘Robin DLC’ Trailer

The Robin DLC for Batman: Arkham City is now available on the PSN for £5.49. Those on Xbox Live can purchase the pack for 560 Microsoft Points (around £4.80).

The DLC includes two new challenge maps, Black Mask Hideout and Freight Train Escape, and Robin has his own fighting style and gadgets.

Source: YouTube.



  1. Too much cutting back and forth in the trailer…

    • Agreed, couldn’t tell tish from tosh. Robin looks cool though…

  2. looking forward to playing this game when I get it for christmas. Not long now, just need to make sure I finish Uncharted 3 before hand

    • Fantastic game, you will love it!

  3. Enough with the challenge maps.

    • Agreed – I was of the impression that people just did the challenge maps to get the platinum? I know i did on the first one & i probably will with Arkham City too (if i get close to the plat that is).

      Not that they aren’t enjoyable to a certain extent, it’s just that once they are done there isn’t really much to return for. They aren’t like multiplayer maps for example.

      I would much rather see DLC in the shape of additional side missions for the campaign, perhaps giving some of the villians more of an appearance than what they were permitted in the game (which for some amounted to nothing more than cameos).

  4. Hmmm I quite like the challenge maps, but not sure I will pick this up. The combat ones can be infuriating at times. Love the predator ones though, they are a great laugh.

    • I used to be of the same opinion, the combat challenges in Arkham Asylum used to make me mad at times, but I wasn’t prepared to give in and those were the only things standing between me and my platinum! So I knuckled down and practised, the end result being that I played those combat challenges long after getting the platinum. I now can’t get enough of them, especially as the combat is much improved in Arkham City.

  5. I agree, too many challenge maps – but I’ll still get this

  6. Next DLC…Alfred walking around the mansion making sure Bruce is happy -___-

    • I’d buy that for 5 bucks! Just so long as Michael Caine does the MoCap and voice work.

  7. £5.49?!

    Does nobody else think that’s too much?

    • Yup – I will be communicating that by going nowhere near it!!

      Especially when i picked up Beat Hazard Ultra (which is a great full game) for £1.59 yesterday!!

  8. I will be the first to say it since no one else has.
    I am VERY happy they put in a classic Robin character skin.
    The new one looks like an Assassin’s Creed knock-off.

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