Kirby’s Wii Adventure Launch Trailer

I think Kirby is one of Nintendo’s most underrated stars. They always seem to use him in weird ways that try out strange mechanics and gameplay devices. Still, Epic Yarn was a great game and now Kirby is back in a new adventure for up to four people.

Kirby’s Wii Adventure is out this Friday in the UK and looks like it will have my nephews shouting excitedly at the screen again this Christmas.

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  1. “I think Kirby is one of Nintendo’s most underrated stars.” I couldn’t agree more and it looks like Nintendo are determined to make me buy a Wii what with this, Epic Yarn, Skyward Sword, Other M and a few others on the shelves.

    Loved the character ever since Kirbys Dreamland on Gameboy and I agree, I don’t think they value him highly enough, at least they didn’t until this generation in which he’s got a few great games. :)

    • I agree. This has fun written all over it with the 4 player coop.

  2. First there was New Super Mario Bros. Then came Rayman Origins. And now there is only Kirby.

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