PSN Store Update: 23/11/11

[drop2]With all of the amazing Vita announcements, I’d almost forgotten that today was a PSN Store update day. Let’s take a look at what we’re being offered and see if it’s enough to make us stop re-watching Vita trailers for ten minutes.

First up, there’s a downloadable release for Modern Warfare. That’s the first one, which is nice and at only £20 might actually be a decent price for HDD convenience. MotorStorm Apocalypse also gets a nice digital release, presumably in celebration of the Vita announcement.


We also have Rayman Origins, Move Fitness, Tour de France and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? as downloadables. There’s a demo for Carnival Island and a Trial & Unlock for the second episode of Learning with the PooYoos.

With DLC for Batman: Arkham City, GoldenEye Reloaded and Dead Island, there should be plenty to keep you going on some existing games before Santa brings some new ones.

Hit the link below for the full list and let us know what you’re tempted to empty your virtual wallet for this week.

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  1. Nothing for me this week!

  2. Maybe pick up robin DLC, but not straight away, want to finish the main game first.

  3. The blog post mentions Killzone 3 multiplayer being on offer for Plusites – I didn’t even know you could buy it seperately!

  4. I’m still hurting about the non-show of the Cars 2 demo last week, really brought me crashing down to earth emotionally. Still, Learning with the PooYoos: Episode 2 could be some totally gangsta gaming nirvana, I might have to trade some hard earned readies straight up for that bad boy.

    • Oh Cars 2 was quite decent played it in Gamestop, I think it’ll be great for kids but for someone that requarly plays games I think it’ll be too easy maybe like Sega and Sonic: All Stars Racing.

    • me too what happend with that

  5. Batman DLC for me – can’t wait.

  6. Daytona, Dead Island DLC and Patapon 3 Quests for me! 2 or 3 are free for me too!

    Anyone know if Daytona has been given an HD revamp? And I assume its multiplayer, right?

    • Yeah, it’s apparently HD from what I read and has 8 player online multiplayer, non local though. :/ Baffles me how many games neglect to put local multiplayer in, it’s just a horrible oversight! Local multiplayer was the bread and butter of my gaming diet with friends when I was growing up. It’s a shame.

      • Thanks – I hope it’s still good. I used to play that and Sega Rally to death on my Saturn.

        Agreed, especially when servers eventually get taken down, it’s useful to have LAN. Plus the connection can sometimes be more reliable.

      • Daytona is arcade perfect, but in HD. It’s wonderful.

      • Good to hear, I shall look forward to that later! :)

      • Unfortunately though the game is really **** IMO. It’s a shame that there isn’t a demo that you could try first(unless there is and I’ve missed it). I bought it a few weeks back on the US store and was pretty dissapointed at how bad it was!

      • Oh! Maybe I’ll leave it then, and just hold on to my happy memories of it.

      • The trailer should be enough to scare you off.

    • 2 or 3 for free? is that Patapon?

      • Yeah, says the Patapon 3 Quests are free. And I have my pre-order code for the Dead Island DLC, so that’s free too!

      • Oop, meant 2 of 3 are free, for me!

      • oh not the games… :( cheap though :D

      • So if I order and pay for a Vita now, it’s free when I get it? I think we have different definitions of free.

  7. Does COD4 come with the DLC? Tempted to get it, totally missed out on the MP in it.

    • Don’t get it it’s full of cheaters.

    • If you want the DLC, you might be able to find a GOTY edition somewhere, and for cheaper.

      But as kivi95 says, it’s hacked badly online. IW claim to be fixing MW2, then MW once MW3 is self-sufficient (after initial patches) but I can’t see it myself, which is a shame.

      • The GOTY addition still seems pretty expensive, ranging between £17 on shopto and £24 on amazon, so £20 for the downloadable version isn’t bad at all.

      • Yeah, especially since the DLC is only MP (which is broken) anyway.

        Plus, it’s always nice to not have to change disc!!

      • the DLC was on offer not so long ago, just missed out of that. The online is completely hacked though.

    • It’s not GOTY, no.

  8. ‘Goldeneye 007 Reloaded – Pussy Galore’

    I know it’s a character skin, but wouldn’t it be funny if this was a game mode?? Although not quite sure what it would entail…

    Sorry, i’ll go back to my playgroup now. XD

    • Similar to a zombie hoard mode, but with, ladies!

    • Would be like pilotwings! Though I don’t think that was what you were thinking.

    • I want to play!

    • Lights out, door locked
      *Just to get immersed in the games atmospheric feel of course!*

      • Oh absolutely, immersion is everything! XD

  9. Watching Vita traiers? An overpriced console, with silly-price games, and in six months it’ll have dropped considerably in price.

    Apart from that whinge, Daytona for me – at last! I still don’t see why it’s released in other territories before Europe/UK, as surely digital storage (for uploading purposes) doesn’t need to be tied to national/regional boundaries. It’s probably marketing, or some bigger picture that us mere morals (the consumers) are not allowed to see.

    • Doesn’t seem over-priced to me or maybe lack of games/content *shrugs*

      • Well maybe ‘overpriced’ is a tad strong, but it’s almost cartainly (he prophesises dubiously) going to drop in price within a few months of its release, as the inital release fails and only a few hardcore gamers with lots of money will buy it – maybe when LBP2 for VIta is finished and comes out the price will drop/bundles will appear that will mare it more desirable. DOn’t get me wrong, I wish the VIta well, but it’s got to be priced as a minstream games machine, not a premium-priced toy for the rich. The game prices touted so far suggests the latter, and this is a shame.

  10. I just Googled “Who wants to be a millionaire ps3 review” and returned nothing that I could see was an actual review. Anyone got any links? Or has this bypassed all the gaming press?

    • 1/10 with the con of winning no cash? *hehe*

      • You mean the winnings aren’t credited to your PSN wallet???!!

      • Likely not, yet that feature alone will revolutionize quiz gaming :D

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