Test Drive: Ferrari Announced

Bigben Interactive has announced that Test Drive: Ferrari will be releasing on PS3, PC and Xbox 360 in March 2012.

Unfortunately nothing else is known about the title, but current speculation seems to point to Slightly Mad Studios (Need for Speed: Shift) taking on developing duties.

The last Test Drive game, TDU2, was released at the start of this year to a mixed reception and many bugs. I quite enjoyed it, but still prefer the original.

You can read Alex’s detailed impressions on TDU2 here.

Source: Eurogamer


  1. Sorry Dan but personally I thought TDU2 was one of the worst games I’ve played on this generation, ropey driving, creepy social networking stuff and barely any cars on the roads.

    Didn’t feel lively with scooters etc like the roads of Ibiza actually do at all.

    I’ll reserve judgement but does the world really need another Ferrari game?

    • Creepy, brilliant. Has been the word eluding my experience of the game.

  2. I didn’t like TDU2 at all. Hopefully this might be good though.

  3. *yawn* give me a new Outrun… best use of the Ferrari brand imo.

  4. I’m sick of Ferrari already.

  5. I think a game with just Ferrari’s is going to be pretty dull. I enjoyed TDU2, it never quite worked online, but I really enjoyed driving around exploring and doing the races offline.

    • You best not try Ferrari Challenge then.

  6. Gave it a miss, will be doing the same with this one. The Ferrari Challenge games are alot better and a good buy if you’re after a Ferrari Fix.

  7. The 1st TDU was a lot better than num 2. TDU: Ferrari will need to be a lot better before I consider buying it, especially the car physics.

  8. I wonder if they’ll fix the Casino roullette and poker in TDU2 before or after they release this!…or maybe never :P

  9. Just Ferraris, to me at least, that would be very, very boring…

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