Kinect Could Be Coming To Your Next TV

It makes sense for a company with an exciting technology to look for ways of spreading that tech. Make no mistake, despite Kinect’s continued struggle to find game software that’s widely engaging and responsive, the technology is undoubtedly impressive. You only have to look at the open source projects and PC-side demonstrations to see that.

Now, according to a report from The Daily, Microsoft are looking for platforms other than the Xbox 360 to support their Kinect technology. The report cites “sources familiar with the subject” so the foundation is somewhat shaky but the move would make sense. Next generation television, with their media streaming capabilities, controlled with Kinect motion and voice control – and presumably linked in with Bing, Zune, et al. – seems like a lucrative possibility.


The Daily are claiming that manufacturers like Sony and Vizio are being courted and, if true, Microsoft would be going up against Google TV and touted Apple TV improvements.

Not much founding, and zero cited sources, but it seems believable to me.

Source: The Daily



  1. Sounds like a good idea for them, flogging tellies with the tech built in could certainly perpetuate a few sales I’d have thought.

    From a personal point of view, I’d rather have it built into a telly than have a chunky camera sitting on my furniture. Frankly the Wii remote sensor looks horrendously tacky.

    • Guessing they got a lot of unsold stock to ditch. Microsoft have been playing the “shipped” card for so long and relying on nobody noticing (or wanting to notice) that the sold numbers stopped going up a couple of days after release (which is when everyone found out it was overpriced crap).

  2. Motion controls seem like a novel way to chage channel, a swipe or sweep of the arm to go up and down. But please no voice activation, I don’t want to sound like a twat talking to gadgets.

    • Siri – Turn this shit off

      It’s happening, with Google just getting to grips with GoogleTV 2.0 (but not in time for CES, I believe) and heavy rumours about Kinect & Apple moving into TV.

      • I know and I hate it. Who watched characters in Star Trek talking to the ships computer and thought, hey that would be a great idea, lets add that technology to our gadgets. Come on what good inventions have come from steeling ideas from Star Trek…..hang on automatic slidding doors, bugger my argument is null & void.

        Still don’t like the idea of it though.

    • I expect it will be more than just tv functions. I would expect to also see downloadable games/apps and possibly even dedicated interactive tv programming in the future if the kinect tvs are a success and broadcasters are interested enough.

  3. No thanks, I’m not interested. I don’t need my TV changing channel when I go to pick up my drink and, from trying voice control on my 360, it just doesn’t work well enough to bother with.

    • maybe when they sort out Ai, so the TV thinks “hang on a minute, he’s just getting a drink, i won’t change the channel” That might work…

  4. Hang on, did that say that we might see Sony TV’s with Microsoft tech included??

    OMG its the apocalypse! Everyone under your deaks!

    • Aw, there’s nobody under my desk :(

  5. Zune? I thought Zune was DEAD?

  6. i don’t think speaking to your tv to change channel would be too bad, and would become a normal thing eventually.
    Also this would stop people losing their remotes.

    • It might take longer though and would be a problem for families with children that want use the TV for different activities.

  7. What happens when the station you are watching does a trail for another chanel and the voice tech picks it up and changes channel eh no thanks al stick to the remote :-p

  8. I’ll stick to on-demand Top Gear or the odd comedy on Iplayer likely

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