Vanu Sovereignty PlanetSide 2 Faction Spotlight

Sony Online Entertainment is currently working on perhaps its most ambitious project to date. Following the success of predecessor, PlanetSide 2 is an epic scale MMOFPS which features a dynamic ever-changing in-game world, the game’s three player-run factions vying for control over miles upon miles of landmass.


With deep character customisation and battles which can house up to 2000 players at one time, Auraxis is sure to be the Mecca of every shooter fan when the game launches but for now SOE has provided followers with intel brief on the slick, tech-centric Vanu Sovereignty.



  1. Unfortunately my internet is on it’s cap, so all I can see is an armoured crotch >_<

    • Damn. Its, not it’s. My bad.

    • Well, if there is anywhere you would want armour, it would be there.

      • A very good point. The special edition should definitely come with an armoured crotch plate, a must for every man.

  2. Do you ever read a headline ‘Vanu Sovereignty PlanetSide 2 Faction Spotlight’ and think “that’s just a collection of words, for god’s sake!” :-)

    • … and NOT a sentence! (just before anyone slips on their +2 Hat of Pedantry ;-)

  3. pc only or pc/ps3?

    • For now it’s a PC exclusive and given the scale of the game I think it’s gonna stay that way.

  4. deep customisation?
    only 50% as deep as it could be from what i’ve seen.
    or rather not seen.

    i’ve looked online a bit and not seen a single shot of a woman in the game.

    that’s rather shallow customization if you ask me.

    • There was women in the original planetside, so my guess is there’ll probably be women in planetside 2.

    • Maybe they’ll go the brink way and say one sex means double the customisation.. Sad though – if it’s true…

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