BioWare Release Jedi Consular Spotlight

Arguably one of the most anticipated games of the year, even for those who don’t really associate with the MMO genre, Star Wars: The Old Republic is now less than a month away, BioWare (Mass Effect, Dragon Age) having launched a new trailer dedicated to the Jedi Consular.


Available to players who side with the Republic, the Consular is one of SWTOR’s eight classes; utilising the Force as their primary weapon, they specialise in both support and damage roles, the Consular also doubling up as a decent solo class with qualifications in melee combat. Like any class, later on during the game, players will be able to specialise their talents, Consulars able to pursue the path of the “Shadow” or “Sage.”



  1. I’ve played the beta this weekend and found it very enjoyable. I didn’t fancy buying the game because of the subscription fee but now I’m really tempted.

  2. If only my PC would run this. I dont fancy parting with the immense amount of money I would need to upgrade almost everything.

  3. how come and this Shit gets so much antisipation, And true masterpiece like the upcoming Guild Wars 2 doesn’t even get mentioned in sites like these…

    • Perhaps because this game is actually not shit? Besides, SWTOR is fairly well-known, while I personally haven’t heard of Guild Wars 2. If you want more coverage of that game, then go to a fansite.

      • That’s what bothers me. I played the Beta of SW:TOR and a demo of GW2 at gamecon. GW2 oozes with inovation and excelent design choices yet people like you don’t even notice it, and instead that WoW clone with single player additions gets all the credits because it has the Star Wars and Bioware names and gimics all over it.

        Make your self a favor and watch a Walkthrough of GW2.
        Here is an old one from GC09 to start with.
        (dont know if url code works here…)

    • I’m pretty sure I’ve seen articles about Guild Wars 2 on here. You could always make a request for more information about it on here?

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