Download the Batcave for Arkham City Soon

Rocksteady Games has confirmed, via the wonderful stream of consciousness that is Twitter, some more Arkham City DLC. The challenge room map pack will include Penguin’s Ice Lounge and Joker’s Carnival as downloads, alongside the all new Batcave.

All we currently know is that the pack will be available on December 20th, presumably a day later on Europe’s tardy PSN. Rocksteady has previously sold us the Robin DLC, featuring the Caped Crusader’s hooded sidekick and a couple of new challenge maps, for £5.49 (560MSP) so we would expect pricing to be in that same range.


I personally can’t get enough of Rocksteady’s Batman universe and I’ve not given much time to the challenge maps as yet so this might be just what I want during the quiet Christmas period. Of course, it might be a tempting prospect for all those who find the Dark Knight nestled under their Christmas tree five days later too.

Source: Twitter



  1. Damn, got excited there and thought it was going to be for more missions. Expecially since Batman himself refers to his batcave twice in the game, to follow up on two villains that got away.

    Oh well, will no doubt by this, absolutely love the combat challenge rooms. Such good fun. Not overly keen on the predator ones, but will no doubt still pick this up.

  2. I’d didn’t enjoy city as much as asylum. The lack of batcave was disappointing so hopefully this will add a slight improvement

  3. I’d like to echo the comment by kjkg. Love Batman Arkham City but would like more missions not just challenge map add-ons which I’m just not bothered about.

    cannot understand why rocksteady don’t sell DLC mission packs. It’d be a lot of work but would sell far more than yet more challenge rooms.

    • I’ll never understand paying for challenge maps. They’re such a basic add on, and there’s really enough to fill whatever void there may be on the disc.

      • I buy them because I absolutely love the combat. And I want new combat challenges. Plain and simple. Can’t be bothered going back to improve on old ones, so like to start new.

        Plus just got 143,000 last night on one of the combats, doubt I will improve on that by much :P

  4. More mission packs – that’s what I want. Just working on New Game + so more missions would stop me trading it in when that’s completed.

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