Massive Poll Results: When Do You Want Next Gen

Welcome to the Massive Poll Results Show.  Last Friday we asked for your opinions on the ‘next gen’ consoles and we received over 3,000 votes making this the most clicked Massive Poll to date.

First we asked when you wanted the next gen and many of you were thinking of the huge costs when purchasing a new piece of hardware. TSA poster ‘tatoemonkey’ voted for a new console in 2014, suggesting ‘I think anything sooner is a bit rubbish for those people who can only now afford a PS3 due to price drop.’

Our resident codemaster Alex is obviously feeling a little more flushed with cash and commented ‘2012. Sooner the better, lo-res 30fps can go die in a fire.’

The majority of voters chose Christmas 2013, two years away, a date which seems likely if you take any credence to the rumours scampering across the Internet.  The voting was fairly evenly split with 14% quite happy to wait until until the end of 2015 by which time we will all have hoverboards and auto-lacing sneakers.

Next we asked you what features you would like in your next gen console, ‘cam the man’ was looking forward to digital downloads but the thought of not having piles of Blu-ray cases was off putting to ‘Forrest_01’ .

Elsewhere the eloquent ‘doug’ wanted just one thing, ‘A web browser that doesn’t sh*t itself when you load up a web page. If it has that I’ll pre-order it now no matter when it’s out.’

Before we look at the five components that gained the most votes, let’s take a look at the least wanted features as there are some suprising inclusions.

Feature         Percent
A keyboard 0.34%
PS Move style motion control 0.95%
Integrated Kinect style motion control 0.99%
Premium online services with subscription 0.99%
‘OnLive’ style cloud based gaming 1.18%

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, it appears you are not fans of motion control in any form. Also taking a kicking are premium services, perhaps many of you are fed up of paying for Xbox Live Gold.

The most suprising inclusion in our table of do-not-wants is cloud based gaming, a service that the games industry seems to be moving towards.

Now on to the top five features, the elements that will create the ultimate next gen console and the voting indicates what you really want, what you really really want, what I really really want is to ziggah-zig-ah.

No. Wait. That’s the results from my Spice Girls poll. What you want from a new console is exactly what you have now – just more of it.

Feature         Percent
Lots of Memory 14.89%
Free online gaming 13.94%
Large capacity optical drive (Blu-Ray) 13.37%
Backwards compatibility 12.61%
‘Avatar’ level graphics & sound 9.42%

We are expecting a graphical upgrade in the next gen consoles, likewise the memory capacity should be significantly greater than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  Backwards compatibility was important (take note Sony) and to counter the lack of votes for premium online gaming, nearly 14% of the vote asked for a free service.

One other notable trend in the voting was the seventh placed feature, ‘Music, Video and TV services’, which shows how many of you now use your console for non gaming entertainment.

The message to Sony and Microsoft is clear – more of the same, less of the gimmicks.


  1. ” The message to Sony and Microsoft is clear – more of the same, less of the gimmicks “. perfectly put.

    • Absolutely, but will they even listen? I’ll bet that what we get is an increased focus on premium services, online passes, subscription models, micropayments and DRM, with backwards compatability delivered through digital download titles rather than actual backward compatability. If I’m wrong I’ll be pleasantly suprised.

  2. “Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, it appears you are not fans of motion control in any form”
    I dont think its a matter of not being a fan of motion control, there is just more important features to concentrate on

    • I’m most surprised that the cloud based akin to Onlive is so unpopular. Though I’m guessing it just isn’t top of everyone’s list.

      • It’s unpopular to me as i like to have the game i am about to play in my hand, not in some magical Video-game-land that’s going to suddenly teleport the game straight into my tv. That there sounds like witchcraft to me! Where’s my pitchfork?

        Seriously though, i like my boxed products & i like to trade them if i so desire – Two traits which an online service can never deliver.

        Plus as i also mentioned on the poll itself, until everyone is on an even playing field with regards to what level of service, bandwidth etc they get from their ISP, it’s a difficult sell to someone with a low service, but an impossible sell to someone with absolutely no service.

      • Well the only thing I would own is Steam games…. (no choice? meh, cheap) Onlive is fine unless theres a sale or rent…

      • I’m not even a fan of digital copies, i like to have something “real” that i can hold. Shelves and drawers will become needless eyesores! and what about all the chippies that make said items? who is going to find them jobs?

      • Until the UK gets top speed national broadband coverage anything that requires intenet connection is going to have it’s downside. If you’ve got some sort of physical media you can play anywhere (with electricity!!)

      • Downside to onlive is, is that only two people can play it (in my flat atleast) a one time. My internet is 10mbs and onlive struggles. Cload gaming just isn’t there yet.

      • Plus the pricing structure for digital downloads seriously needs looking at before cloud services can kick off.

    • Motion Control will be back… what they need to do is get more games that are worth playing….. alone and great control.

      I bet with a better internet world in the Uk.. maybe… maybe it can compete with platforms one day, it needs exclusives to better define cloud-gaming..

      • There will be more games and proper AAA one’s if it came built in so the installbase was however many consoles there are rather than just a fraction of them

      • that’s true CC, but as we’ve seen with the wii, the quality games can also get drowned in a sea of shovelware and not sell in the numbers they deserve.

    • Motion controls have a great deal of potential, and because of how they can allow us to interact with games in new ways, could be much more important than just making the same games look prettier. Nintendo seem to be the only company trying to do motion controls some justice sadly :P

      • Just like 3D, i find motion control way too gimmicky. When i turn on my console i don’t expect to be given a workout just to achieve something, i want an unrivalled gaming experience – Something that can be achieved just as well with a Dual Shock.

        Besides which, i am waaayy too lazy to be standing up & waving my arms around when there is a perfectly good sofa in the games room!

      • I feel that with motion control they seem to want to go to far with it and something is motion controlled or not. I think it needs to be incorporated into the standard gaming experience, not “shoot this enemy and get through the level and then pick up your motion controller to play golf, and then back to the shooting”, like Kinect why can’t that scan you while you’re playing on the sofa with a controller, to give you more movement.

    • It’s also quite a specific sample of gamers polled.

  3. Those are the exact five features I voted for. Happy to see other people did as well, might mean we’ll actually get it.

    • I didn’t get to vote as i was away, but when i started reading, those are what i wanted… more memory is essential to me too, as my fat ps3 is now struggling massively with space. :(

      • I might be mistaken but usually memory refers to RAM. I don’t think they are talking about disk space as that had its own option (2 TB hard drive).

  4. All five of my wants there, a sheep as always.

    • Nothing wrong with that, it’s called a consensus of popular opinion!

  5. I’d love to see PS3 games on PS4 but if that doesn’t happen…. then I don’t know perhaps I wouldn’t bother with Home Console anymore.

    Oh you know what I want next gen? I want a perfect Sonic game… on Sega Console power.

  6. so no doubt we will get Motion control, premium subscriptions and cloud based gaming because market research will show them “that’s what people want”

    hopefully we are right about the ‘when’ :)

  7. The PS3 has been the console I have invested by far the most money in. Probably 5 or 6 times more than I spent on the PS2. If PS4 doesn’t have backward compatibility, I will not be impressed!

    • The first version will probably have it.

      • it kind of makes sense for the first models to be if not the rest, as by the time later models come out, there will be more games, so i agree, not sure if the later ones will have it, especially as that invokes the preowned market.

  8. Perfect top 5 features there. Make it happen Sony/MS.

  9. BOOM Tuffcub, BOOM!

  10. I’ve been called a lot of things In my time but never eloquent

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