PS3 Skyrim Patch 2.01 Goes Live

Raise your hands in the air and rejoice PS3 Skyrim owners, Bethesda has finally launched their long-awaited bug fix patch for the fantasy RPG epic.

As we Tweeted this morning, the patch is 92 MB and currently live in parts of Europe, including the UK.


The version 2.01 patch should fix the crippling lag bug from the PS3 version of the game, which would occur when save files reach a certain size.

Some players complained that the bug would render the game virtually unplayable, so this patch comes as great news for those of you who were intending to make your stay in the vast lands of Skyrim a long one.

Read our review here.

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  1. my game has just started with the lag and jumps like mad (file size: 7.5mb)

    so this is very welcome news….hope it works

    • You should of seen it at 16mb!

      • Mine started going mental at about 8Mb and I just saved, and then resarted the PS3. Lag was still there to a certain extent but not even near to the initial problem.

        Good stuff if they’ve fixed it, I’m still waiting for them to fix bugs in Oblivion though ;-)

      • Aye I ended up having to restart my ps3 every hour. So, patch very much needed!

  2. They are already on version 2.X? What happened to 1.X?

    • 1.X never happened, 2.0 was available at launch already.

    • Was going to say, glad I missed Skyrim, if Skyrim 2.0 is out already

      • This confused me a little too. For some reason back home in the UK (and other parts of Europe) you got 2.01 but when the patch launched over here (US) it was 1.02 (We got patch 1.01 at lauch). I wonder if there is a reason for the difference.

  3. Any reports on whether the patch has been successful?

  4. My save is approx 11mb and not been suffering any issues. My understanding is that they’re combating the lag by reducing the texture resolution – I hope this doesn’t occur by default and only happens when the lag issue is detected…

    • Really, that’s not very good.

    • arg. That sounds lame….

    • Thats utterly untrue. Did you read it on the Xbox forums bychance?

      Still it won’t stop writers here reporting it… (and that’s the game isn’t it?)

  5. Good stuff. Haven’t started it yet but glad I’ve been snowed under in great titles – know I can start it and grab the patch straight away.

  6. Or indeed ‘now I can start it’ :oD

  7. As soon as I heard the issue existed I traded it in for the 360 version. No faith in Bethesda to fix it after they didn’t bother solving it in Fallout 3 GOTY on PS3 :(

  8. It’s good they put a patch out, but the lag didn’t really bother me anyway. It only starts for me when I’ve been playing for 5 hours straight so really it was probably a good thing.

  9. Thank god. The gameplay alone is frustrating enough at times but the added lag was making it unbareable

  10. Any news on wherher there is a fix planned for the controller issues I have had and some people have reported? (buttons not working on selecting and deselecting repeatedly).

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