Urinal Video Games Launch In The UK

At the the start of the year we brought you news of the Sega ‘Wee’, a video game situated above a urinal which you play by, well, taking a leak.

Many of you laughed and commented ‘Only in Japan!’ but this is not the case. Wee-ing video games are now available at The Exhibit bar in Balham, south London.


The console system developed by British company, Captive Media, is slightly different to the Sega version in that it uses infra red beams to detect the, erm, stream, meaning the device can be retro fitted to any urinal. The system can also detect multiple areas of, er, spray, thus giving you what I can only describe as a p*ss joystick.

The first games include a skiing challenge and a multiple choice pub quiz. Those of you who are not easily embarrassed can post their scores to Twitter.

To watch a video of the games in action head over to the BBC

I’m off to hide in a cupboard in case Peter gets any clever ideas as The Exhibit bar is about five minutes walk from my house.

Source: BBC News



  1. Imagine beating the high score in a full toilet. It would be amusing.

  2. I’d micturate this one 6/10.

  3. Could get messy after a few drinks lol

  4. Can I just point out that it must take a whole lot of self control and hydratedness to enter a name like “The big dogg” as the video shows.

  5. the Exhibit bar is going to be filled with blokes with slightly damp shoes.

  6. Shame I don’t live in London really, I (& of course by that I mean the wife) have been looking for a way to improve my accuracy & this sounds perfect!

    So will there be a WeView for this one in the coming weeks? :D

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