The Sega ‘Wee’

If you thought Sega had given up on creating consoles then think again as the industry giant has just installed four new prototype devices, codenamed ‘Toylets’, in four Tokyo metro locations. Set phasers to ‘WTF?’ Captain, Sega have created consoles you can p*ss on.


LCD screens have been mounted above urinals which in turn have been fitted with pressure sensors. These sensors detect the strength and direction of your urine stream and the data is fed back to the console to allow you to play one of four games.

The first game is ‘Graffiti Eraser’ in which you control your ‘hose’ and use your ‘stream’ to wash graffiti off a wall, game number two, ‘Mannekin Pis’ simply records how hard you can wee.

Then things start to get a bit weird as game number three features that most ancient of Japanese traditions, looking up skirts. A lovely young lady is depicted on screen and the harder you pee, the harder the wind blows her skirt up.

The final game is the utterly bonkers “Battle! Milk From Nose” which features multiplayer penis action. The strength of your stream is compared against the urinal’s previous user and depicted on screen as milk spraying out of your nose. If your stream strength is greater than your opponents’ then your milky nose power will knock your opponent off screen and you become reigning champion.

If you are particularly proud of your wee you can (and the phrase ‘only in Japan’ has never been more appropriate) take a USB stick in to the toilet with you and download your high scores.

Source: Singularity Hub.



  1. wat

  2. Haha, that’s brilliant. I do love the Japanese and their crazy ideas =P

  3. Do Japanese women smoke crack when they’re pregnant? Or are they just naturally insane?

    • That is so funny, and could only have emerged form the land of the rising sun.

      Having worked for Honda for a few years, I can confirm that it’s natural insanity.

  4. I have never laughed harder. It’s fantastic.

  5. I truly think that if I lived in Japan I would go nuts after a month or so.

    • Interstingly, “Go! Nuts!” is the next game in the series in which you weigh your testicles whislt taking a poo. Who has the biggest balls? Find out with ‘Go! Nuts!’

      • or “Slam Time”…Slam those testicles as hard as possible on the seat, if you slam more than your previous plopper, then you get to slam your balls into their face(on screen might I add).

        ps. the last bit might not be to everyones taste ;-)

      • It’s always you Tuff, it’s always you. ;)

      • haha!!!
        “who has the biggest balls?” haha
        “Go! Nuts!” would be the most played game in the World!!!

      • I just spat beer all over my monitor and keyboard reading that comment Tuffcub. When’s Go! Nuts! due? ;-)

  6. lolwut?

  7. Got to love the Japanese!!

  8. I think Nintendo might sue sega for calling it the Wee.:P
    This takes the p*ss.

  9. You gotta hand it to those Japs, they’re an inventive lot.

  10. Genius idea , i love Japan.

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