VGA’s Teasing A PS3 Exclusive “You Won’t Believe”

[drop2]Geoff Keighley has just tweeted a photo from the VGA billboard in Times Square, which promises plenty of exclusive reveals and – according to a later tweet, a “PS3 exclusive you won’t believe.”

Presumably on the way to recovery after his Xbox account was hacked, Keighley’s in full hype mode and already tongues are wagging.


Is this going to be Title Fight, the ‘Sony Smash Bros’ megamix featuring all your favourite characters that has had absolutely nothing confirmed by anyone, ever?

Or, as Kojima’s apparently involved with the show, something to do with Metal Gear Solid?

The VGAs are on December 10th, we’ll have full coverage of any and all juicy gossip as the awards show (are they really still that?) approaches.  Until then – speculate away!



  1. Respawn’s project maybe?

  2. Gears boxset. All the games one disc.

    • This!!

      (maybe not Gears 3 though…)

      • I think it will be Gears related. The last one didn’t really shout about being Xbox exclusive.

      • I remember all the fuss Microsoft made this time last year when they announced Gears 3 was only on 360 because there was a LOT of speculation regarding Epic’s 2 game deal with them. That was before Cliffy B professed his terminal dislike of Sony, however… Either way, if anything comes of this then you’re getting full credit for calling it Kitch!

  3. Battlefront 3…is that you?

    • I would freak out if that would be the case.

  4. I’m gonna keep saying it until it happens, Timesplitters.

    • Out of every suggestion here, I hope you’ve got it right

  5. Metal Gear Solid 5: Return to Shadow Moses

  6. Elder Scrolls VI: Valenwood

  7. Kevin Butler’s school of how to be Kevin Butler:the game and VP of all games.

  8. It’s going to be hugely undeserving of the hype isn’t it. Either,
    “Vita’s cardboard box now available in red as well as blue!!!”
    or something deeply upsetting like
    “PSN-Gold European pricing announced – only £39.99!”
    Pardon the cynicism, it’s been a really long day :(

  9. Mario in Halo Land?

    • That what I call a Mind F&*k.

    • Master Chief in the Mushroom Kingdom?! Koopa Trooper Vs. magnum….

  10. ‘Keighley’s Xbox account was hacked’ I think this is the only site to print that News lol If it was ”Keighley’s PSN account was hacked’ it would be on EVERY gaming site for months & on the TV News daily lol

    Anyway its probably that fighting game;) Wouldn’t mind ‘MGS5’ PS3 only, oh well i can dream.

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