Resident Evil 6 Is ‘Confidential’

Milla Jovovich might be one of the most indiscreet people on Twitter.

She has been posting videos and tweets about the new Resident Evil film much to the horror of the PR team and has now asked Capcom themselves when the much rumoured Resident Evil 6 will be out.

“So I just asked the boys from Capcom when RE6 the game comes out and they said… “hahahahahaha! It’s confidential”. So there u go folks!”

Apparently not so confidential that you can tweet about and confirm the game exists.

Source: Twitter.



  1. Shes a nutcase but you have to love Milla :)

    • ha, just about to post the same thing!

      • She is bloody gorgeous. Did you seen her beaver in the first resi film? ;)

  2. Oh, you mean the pieces of crap that were RE:extinction and RE:Afterlife. I wonder how much more they will rape the Resi franchise with the shit films? Sorry, it’s just that i depise the last two resi films as they are not resident evil. RE:Afterlife was slow motion,scene,slow motion etc.. Plus, Las plagas is a parasite not something from the T-Virus! Sorry.

    I hope that they never tell her and Anderson what Resi 6 includes as they will include it in the next film for no reason except to say “it’s a resi film, it has elements from the game”. At least we now know that Resi 6 exists. :D

    • Speaking as huge Resi fan I loved Afterlife. Kinda like RE5 but in film form :)

      • Haven’t seen the last one yet (i do own it & its in the ‘to watch’ pile, but am working my way through the first three to remind myself where i am with the story), but at least it is somewhat canon with Las Plagas.

        For what it’s worth, i find the films quite entertaining & much better than the usual pile of pants that are video game movies (Silent Hill & Mortal Kombat excluded of course).

      • and Doom! :D ….maybe not

    • Well I love them. Apart from the second one. So ner.

      • I love them too. The kind of film you can just switch off and enjoy

      • They aint for me, in my opinion the whole point of the zombie genre is to make social commentary about modern urban living and lifestyles. I’ve always thought that the good examples (of which there are very, very few in comparison to the sheer amount of dross) of the genre are more about the relationships with, and hazards presented by other survivors (Dawn of the Dead, Dead Set and Walking Dead) than the zombies and action.

        If you’re gonna go for all out action, you’ve got your work cut out beating REC and REC2 (The Spanish ones, not American)

        The Resi films always felt mindless and at best tenuously related to the games, but then as I’ve said before, to my mind, games are awful source material for films.

        I love my zombies, but I like them with some brains.

      • I thought they were quite enjoyable, too. I also despise the second movie. Haven’t seen the latest one, yet.

  3. Milla Jovovich……… nom

  4. She is the good side of mental! :)

  5. I wonder if you have to have a Leeloo multipass to play the online multiplayer is Resi 6?
    Oh my bad, wrong film.

  6. the resi films are superb! The 2nd one was abit naff. As a huge resi evil fan of the games i think the films have really broaden the storyline. Roll on the new game and film!!!

  7. How nice of her…

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