Uncharted 3 Treasure Bearer Tournament

Quite a few of you have been enjoying a bit of Uncharted 3’s Multiplayer the past month, as has been demonstrated by some rather healthy meet turn outs twice a week. So I guess it’s time to revive the old Uncharted Treasure Bearer tournament!

Each of the Treasure Bearer competitions we ran during Uncharted 2’s days had a new winner. They were Yogdog, myself, and most recently Goodgoa. Will we see another new name carved into the treasure?

First the prize, in the form of a book. It’s quite a big book, filled with lots of lovely pictures, all about the development process of Uncharted 3. That’s right, it’s Uncharted: Drake’s Journal, written by Nolan North himself.

How do you get to win it? Well, the tournament will take place on Thursday 8th of December, starting at 8PM GMT. I hope lots of people can make it, as the maximum number of players will be 20, split into two parties of 10, and teams of 5.

To handle the 20 players, I’m reviving the competition layout of old, but across 5 rounds. Each round will consist of a 10 minute match played on a randomly selected map and a predetermined game mode. At the end of each round the lowest scoring player, based on kills, deaths and assists, is eliminated from each team before progressing to the next round.


The gametypes we’ll be using are in order:
-Team Deathmatch
-Three Team Deathmatch
-Team Deathmatch
-Free For All

A couple of brief points. In Plunder, a treasure capture will count as an extra 3 kills, so try and capture the treasure, it’s worth it! Whilst in Three Team Deathmatch, people will be paired up based on the previous round results, and then, because we need 5 players to go through to the semi-finals, only the lowest scoring player on the lowest scoring team will be eliminated.

These and a couple of extra things, like how teams are decided, are written up all formally on page 2.

To enter, send an email to me at [email protected] before midnight on Tuesday 6th of December, with the subject line of “Uncharted 3 Treasure Bearer” and include your TSA and PSN ID.

The people playing, parties and so on will then be confirmed next Wednesday.

Also, don’t forget that there is an Uncharted 3 meet this week on both Thursday 1st and Saturday 3rd of December. If we have a bumper crop, then maybe we can split up into more than one group.

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  1. Unfortunately, I’ve not the game yet and you guys are way out of my league now anyway. Good luck guys and gals, and have fun! :)

  2. If this tournament had cropped up last month I would have been all over it. I made the mistake of playing the game religiously during the ‘early access’ period, reaching something like rank 35 and now I’m a bit bored of it to be honest. Good luck to the entrants anywho :)

    • Just got my entry in. Should be interesting.

      Eldave0, it’s a shame you got bored of it – we had a blast on the games we played together. :P

      • Hi Skie,
        I think its mainly because I have so many games to play through at the moment I’ve sort of lost interest.
        Hopefully when Teggy and Selly get it over Xmas there will be enough of us to get some good games going :)

  3. Just sent my entry. I need try and win it this time, I’ve came so close on so many occasions.
    Also just wondering who’s gonna be the 2nd host?

    • I haven’t decided this yet, and will base it off who enters.
      Thankfully, I’ve not really noticed any problems with people joining one another and disconnections. So hopefully it shouldn’t really matter!

  4. I take it there will be no restriction on mods and kickbacks?

    • That’s right, unless people want a gentleman’s and gentlewoman’s agreement to not use certain unlockables.

  5. Awesome, will be entering :)

    • Only just started the Resistance book which I won from Res3 comp.

      • Have you got the t-shirt as well?

      • no not yet, you?

      • I haven’t got it yet either, just wondered since you had the book.

      • The book was sent by TSA whereas SCEE need to send the t-shirts, which we are and have been chasing up. Really sorry that it is taking so long :(.

      • No worries :)

      • Thats ok, nice to know whats going on with them.

      • I started off reading this thinking you were joking, got the book, got the t-shirt, seen the film.. bla bla, that old chestnut, then I realised you were serious… lol.

      • haha reading over it again. It does look like it was going for that joke :P

  6. Someone mention bears?

  7. I might enter but I think I’ll be totally pwned. I also think the fact that I’m pretty good at dying may be an issue

  8. Will really have to consider this. I don’t think that I’ve had enough practice yet though. Don’t really want to be the first out :/

    • Yeah, me neither but i’ve sent my email already

      • haha I’ll make sure I’m available then enter too. We can both be knocked out first XD

      • Good stuff! ;)

  9. I’ve entered, it sounds like fun.:)

  10. Yay nice Tef; will sign up to defend my crown :P.

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