Gamestation’s Nativity Marks The Start of Xmas PR Push

Gamestation has taken the peculiar step of recreating the Christian Nativity scene using modern video game characters. The stunt is to kick off its Christmas marketing drive and puts well known characters from our favourite games into the roles of key figures in the Christian story.

I’m a little bit rusty on my Christian mythology so forgive me if I get any of the roles mixed up: Sackboy is playing the baby Jesus, Zelda is cast as the Holy Mother with Marcus Fenix as Joseph (there’s a match we wouldn’t have predicted). The visiting Magi roles are given to Mario, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Solid Snake.


I’m not sure who Sonic and Yoshi are supposed to be but I hope they’re not the animals who came to witness the birth of Christ. I mean, I know they’re animals but somehow I find comparing them to cattle much more egregious than casting Sackboy as the Lamb of God.

It’s all a little weird and I’m sure there are several humourless Christian groups already penning letters of disgust that their mythology is being treated in such a lighthearted way. What do you think: Offensive, just a bit of fun or weird and irrelevant?

I’ve just checked the official press release and it seems that Yoshi is the donkey that carried the heavily pregnant virgin on her trip to Bethlehem. Sonic would have got them there before all the inns filled up.



  1. damn, what happened to Fenix’s face?

  2. Not gonna lie. Sonic and Mario look like they’re tripping on something, Sackboy looks like he’ll launch himself out of that manger and attack you. It looks like the steroids have finally reached Marcus’ brain. Yoshi, looks like Yoshi and Zelda is asking herself where life went so wrong.

    Still, a bit of harmless fun.

    • Sonic definitely dropped some pills. Just look at his eyes.
      It is harmless fun but there will be others who feel offended by it.

  3. Good god! Sonic looks like he’s about to start filming a porno!

    • I just burst out laughing in a silent study room

    • And from the look on Snake’s face, he’s just seen said film!

  4. Blasphemy!

    • Better yet: Shoddy Blasphemy!

  5. Are these plasticine models or digitised 3D renders? Either way, i have to say that they are pretty pants!

    A bit of blasphemy as well as poor art skills – What more could you ask for in the season of goodwill?? :)

    • & i don’t know about Away in a manger, more like away with the fecking fairies if you ask me!

  6. Hmmm, I’m not sure the “gaming generation” would want to be associated with this. A strange marketing decision, if not a bad taste one.

  7. Whoever does GS’ advertising needs to take a step back. This is ok, but some of their stuff has been terrible. Preowned games “cheaper than your ex-girlfriend” and “Come in and give our 3DS a fingering” spring to mind.

    • sad i missed both of those gems… I think they need to sit in the corner and think about their strategies.

  8. haha, aptly enough i couldn’t see Snake in the 2nd photo, took me bout 10 seconds to notice where he was.
    If that was real I’d have been tranquilsed by then

  9. Seeing the word ‘egregious’ always reminds me of Pauline and Ross off The League of Gentlemen – which has made me want to watch the shows again!

  10. Gamestation wesbite has in big letters “Cheaper than a ho-ho-ho-” PROSTITUTION! HIILAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARIOUS!

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