[email protected] December Stats

December is here, so expect more Christmassy stuff around the place. For me it’s time to go into hiding, I just don’t like Christmas.

For this update, I’m cutting things short. If you want to know what [email protected] is, pop over to the forum, or read page 1 of last months stats.

There is however 1 thing that I really need to mention… I’ve made us a twitter feed for TSA’s folding team, so if you want to ask a question, or brag about your stats, give @TSAFolding a follow and say hi.

So enough of that, on to the last [email protected] stats you’ll read in 2011… oh how time flies.


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  1. Looking to grow the folding hardware. Yay Christmas!

  2. 2.9 million points is great.
    Don’t use twitter much but will check it out.

  3. I doubt I’ll be moving up from my 34th placed spot any time soon. But I’m happy to have contributed 0.5% to the total despite not joining that long ago.

  4. Woohoo! Yay Christmas!
    I may actually create a twitter account since I am behind the times…
    RedStarGlow seems ever the slippery thing!

  5. Last [email protected] update of the year …. Yay Christmas soon!

    Probably just me being pedantic, but shouldn’t it be something like December Update or December Stats Update, rather than December Stats, as it is technically the December Update of November’s stats :0

    • Oh this has been discussed before… I did change it to the actual month So November would be for Novembers stats etc., but for some reason I changed it back.

  6. Pfft Christmas…

  7. For fecks sake people – i only folded 3 weeks this month and nobody managed to overtake me – shame on all of you ;) … pfft christmas..

  8. yay christmas comes early, i made the list. ^_^

    how does Redstar get that many units done anyway? o_O

    • Possibly a folding farm… a high powered one.

  9. Pfff Christmas, terrible year for spending money :/

  10. following. and the new twitter background is looking good :)

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