Streaming Movie Club: Horrible Bosses

Inputting codes to redeem Microsoft Points via is like living in the future. I’ve never done it this way before. Up until a few months ago, I redeemed all of my points codes using the on screen keyboard, the dreadful d-pad on the 360 controller and an increasing amount of frustration at how fiddly it all is.

Then I bought one of those messenger pad things that clips onto the controller and was overjoyed with how much easier it is to tap in the strings of characters needed to redeem. This time, I had some codes in an email so I thought I’d try the website. I copy and pasted them into a box and hit redeem. Like magic. Then I ordered the movie from the website too and it was there to be started when I booted up my 360 later in the evening. This is how all my codes will be entered in the future, it’s so unbelievable simple. I know it might sound like I’m going overboard but it really is a very handy little trick for anyone like me, who doesn’t have a lot of patience and finds the console side redemption tedious.

[drop2]Anyway, that’s probably enough gushing about something you’ve probably all been doing for years already… I should talk a bit about the movie I watched – Horrible Bosses.


It’s a comedy, starring Jason Bateman (Arrested Development), Charlie Dale (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and Jason Sudeikis (30 Rock). Those three play hapless employees who all have bosses who are, in different ways, horrible. There’s Kevin Spacey’s arrogant, manipulative user; Colin Farrell’s coke-head playboy who aims to drive the company he inherited into the ground and Jennifer Anniston’s sexually abusive, filthy mouthed nymphomaniac.

The fact that the three main characters are all played by comic TV actors, as accomplished as they are, means that nobody overshadows anyone else. The huge names on the cast list – including a criminal lowlife played by Jamie Fox – are all supporting members. Although Anniston does tend to steal the show simply by virtue of the fact that she’s playing a role so completely out of her usual range. She’s got a number of the best lines too, and an unexpected ability to be absolutely, disgustingly crass.

The story unfolds as the three resolve to have their horrible bosses murdered and ultimately end up embroiled in a rapidly escalating sequence of events that sees them arrested, threatened and almost killed.

It’s a similar humour to The Hangover and other recent films of that ilk so you will doubtless know what you’re getting. It certainly isn’t the best comedy of the year and it won’t win anyone any Oscars but everyone puts in good performances and there are enough moments of fun to make it worth a watch.

Whether it’s worth the 1770MSP (around £15) for the SD download, is something you’ll have to decide for yourself. It’s certainly cheaper to buy on DVD if you shop around and you might also benefit from access to special features and retained space on your hard disk, if that’s more valuable than your shelf space.



  1. Sadly, I didn’t understand the appeal of this film at all. Not one bit. Maybe Jennifer Aniston. A little. But otherwise, no.

  2. A movie where Jennifer Aniston is a crass nympho and I haven’t seen it?

    *adds to Lovefilm queue.*

  3. Have to disagree with you Peter in this instance sadly. I thought this was one of the most truely awful films I’ve seen. Thought the humour was poor and cheap, trying awfully hard to be like the hangover and failing badly.

    And to sum it all up, they used Colin Farell and Kevin Spacey as “big names” when really they play such a small part in the film. And Jennifer Aniston is there just to utilise the “sex sells” theory (it works, that’s why I went to see it in all honesty). Problem is, if you have seen the trailers of the movie then you literally have seen EVERY scene Jennifer appears in.

    • ah, I hadn’t really seen anything about it before I watched it. I also don’t like Anniston generally but I was pleasantly surprised by how well she played a role that wasn’t her usual.

    • I totally agree, this film was truly bad. There were a few, stand-alone, funny moments, but why is it that crass vulgarity gets passed off as comedy nowadays?

  4. Really enjoyed the film, not the greatest but worth a watch.

    • agree with you, funny in parts, nothing special but worth a watch.

  5. The wife and I have been considering renting this one for awhile now. Will add it to the queue.

  6. *kills Peter*

    Kidding, you’re the best, boss ;)

  7. I quite liked it. Nothing amazing but fun enough way of spending a couple of hours :)

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