Streaming Movie Club: The Hangover Part II

“It happened again”. This one quote, said fairly early on in The Hangover Part II, sums up the film perfectly, as it’s almost a carbon copy of the original. Unfortunately it lacks the one all-important element: comedy. Let’s back up a little though, and go back to where it all started. The Hangover was released a couple of years ago and became a bit of a cult hit. Whilst I was never the film’s biggest fan, I found the whole ‘lost and need to get home’ premise to be an enjoyable one, and the characters interesting.

Fast forward to 2011 and we find ourselves staring at the exact same situation, with Stu (Ed Helms) a few days away from getting married in Thailand. Traumatised by the events in The Hangover, Stu forbids any sort of bachelor party, which doesn’t go down well with best friends Phil (Bradley Cooper), Doug (Justin Bartha) and Alan (Zach Galifianakis).

[drop2] Never-the-less the group all arrive in Thailand safely, and a couple of nights before the wedding all decide to have a drink down on the beach with Stu’s 16 year old soon-to-be brother-in-law, Teddy. The scene fades to black. One by one the group wakes up in a run-down motel goodness knows where, with no memory of the events of the night before. Rather more worrying is the fact that most of Teddy is missing. I say “most of”, because his severed finger has been placed in a bowl of water. The group become involved in a bizarre sequence of events as they try to find Teddy and make their way home.

I’m going to be blunt: The Hangover Part II thoroughly bored me. Throughout the 1 hour 40 minutes running time I found my mind wandering as I checked for new emails, or flicked through Twitter. The film seemed to lack any sort of spark and, more importantly, was just downright unfunny. All the actors seemed to be on autopilot, although Zach Galifianakis plays a decent crazy guy, and had I not been reviewing it I’d have probably turned the film off about halfway through.

The last time I used the Zune player it streamed the SD content really well, although it was at about half one in the morning. This time I decided to switch on at more of a peak time, 10pm, to see if BT’s wonderful restrictions would affect the performance. I’m pleased to say there were no issues what-so-ever, and I’m actually contemplating whether it’s worth cancelling my other film rental service and just using Zune.

Impressive service, but a shame about the film!



  1. I saw this in the cinema.
    Fairly poor alright. Then again, the first one only seemed so good because there was nothing decent in cinemas at the time.

  2. Rubbish. Ed Helms deserves better.

  3. To say it’s completely unfunny is a bit harsh I feel, there were 3 or 4 moments that were quite entertaining, but there really isn’t any point in the film as it is literally has the same plot as the first, just in a new location. I was quite a big fan of the first, some moments had me clutching my sides, but nothing at all came close to that this time. It didn’t need a sequel, it got one, it failed to live up to the original. Shocker!

  4. i never really got all the hype around the first one and i just knew this was going to be terrible and it was.

  5. Really liked the 1st one, haven’t seen the second one… Got a feeling I’m going to be getting it for Christmas, cool.

    It’s a shame they rushed this out to fit in with Bradley Cooper’s other commitments and the script didn’t received more love

    • If you liked the first film then I would say that this is worth watching, it certainly is enjoyable in places.

  6. I loved The Hangover. Hangover 2 was good but not as good as the first. I still enjoyed it though.

  7. imported the steelbook from Germany and just waiting for the collectors edition to come through from the states. Also have a rare stuffed monkey to promote the film. Thought it was good not as good as the first but as an avid Vegas visitor I’ll always have a soft spot for anything Vegas lol hope they make a third as Alan has to find a bird surely

    • I read somewhere the are plans for a 3rd and if it goes ahead it’ll be the final one and be a very different format to the others. Cant remember where though.

      • Sweet, that certainly couldn’t drag out anymore than a third I think! But Alan has to find a women, someone who’s just as fragile and funny as he is

  8. I thinks compared to the first film it pretty poor because everythings so predictible but there are a few funny moment in there! also watched an interview with Bradley Cooper saying the next film will be in LA if the studio give it the go ahead!

  9. F**king loved both of them. How can you say it was unfunny? It may have been a copy of the first in a new setting, but to say it was unfunny is ironically a joke.

    • Spot on! Kind of like home alone 1 and 2 same story diffrent setting and that worked a treat!

      • Both fantastic, I even think the New York one is better than the first in Home Alone, must watch the two before next Sunday now!

  10. think i chuckled once during the 2 hr sloggathon that this dross is..
    1st was mildly funny and the second just piggy backed the gags..
    even down to the fact the the groom was in the …..
    wont spoil it for ya’s

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