Streaming Movie Club: Immortals

You may have noticed that it has been a trifle busy here at TSA over the past few weeks. In fact, I think we’ve clocked over 50 reviews in two months, so finding the time to watch a film has been something of a luxury. However, Immortals caught my eye when it came out in cinemas last year, so I was rather eager to see if the film matched my expectations.

Before mankind flourished, there was a war between immortals. The victors named themselves Gods, whilst the defeated that remained were called Titans, sealed away in Mount Tartarus, and forgotten about. That’s where King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) comes in. Utterly ruthless, he is on a mission to find the Epirus Bow; a weapon of immense power that can free the Titans.

Unable to directly interfere in the affairs of man, the Gods watch on. Zeus, however, has been indirectly training a young peasant, Theseus (Henry Cavill), who is a man that only fears letting down those he loves. An extremely gifted, brutal fighter, Theseus is spurred into action when Hyperion raids his village and kills his mother.

Can Theseus rally an army and stop Hyperion releasing the Titans?

The first thing that strikes you about Immortals is that it’s a beautifully shot film, and very reminiscent of 300. Some of the backgrounds look stunning, and something you really should watch in HD if at all possible. The fight scenes are extremely vicious, so expect to see heads being crushed, various body parts being speared and all manner of mutilations. There’s also a moment that will make every man wince.

I’m a fan of how the action has been cut. It’s fast paced, but will frequently slow down when a particularly nasty blow lands. It gets even better when the Gods show up. I’m such a sucker for a good fight scene!

Henry Cavill looks every inch the hero, with an enviable physique and the fighting skills to match. In fact, he’s at his best during the fight sequences as some of his dialogue (when trying to unify the army, for example) can be a bit clunky. Mickey Rourke plays a convincing bad guy; quiet, but prone to sudden acts of violence that normally results in one of his followers being killed.

[boxout]The supporting cast, however, don’t feel necessary at all. I’m yet to discover why Stavros (Stephen Dorff) was there, and it’s almost like Phaedra the Oracle (Freida Pinto) was included because someone went “uh, guys, you do realise the cast at the moment is ALL male?” Their presence adds very little, and Phaedra actually disappears for most of the final 30 minutes without being missed.

Despite the somewhat lacklustre supporting cast, I never found myself clock-watching during the film. The 110 minute runtime is certainly action packed, with the pace rarely dropping. Immortals is one of those films where you can put your feet up and watch without having to worry about engaging your brain at all.

Definitely worth at least renting.



  1. i missed this one at the cinema, i wanted to watch it though.
    looked decent enough from the trailers.

  2. Tempted.

  3. Saw this about a month ago…thought it was really bad. The problem was just that, it didn’t ‘engage my brain at all.’ I guess some see that as a positive, if you do watch away. If you’d prefer something with more substance avoid this film at all costs…IMO.

    • Agreed. Terrible film. Predictable, badly acted, didn’t grab me at all. 3d was ok tho..

  4. I watched this too, i put it on expecting something average or worse and was pleasantly surprised. Even though it has some of the visual style of 300 there were times when it felt like an old movie too. I enjoyed it as much for the visuals as anything else and have already recommended it to some friends.

  5. Looks ok to me, will certainly add it to my Lovefilm list.

  6. watched this film last night and wasn’t too sure about it, didn’t hate it, but didn’t love it at the same time.
    The action was good and the set pieces were fantastic. But I felt it a little hollow at times. It seemed to want to tell and story, but it wanted to just plow along and not really get into it.
    Its worth a watch, but I just wished they had tried a little harder. But I did love the cast choices.

  7. Cheers will give it a watch :-)

  8. so Dan, after watching this you think Cavill will do a good job as the man of steel?

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