Podcast: Episode 46

Episode 46 of the Oscar Mike Media podcast rumbles over the horizon like an enemy tank. The turret slowly rotates, radio masts twitching in the mist, and the gun barrel lowers. You cling to the sodden wall of your hastily dug foxhole and quietly mumble sunday school incantations you’d long thought absent from your mind. You realise it’s all in vain as the air around you seems to thicken. You can almost taste the atmosphere as the hilltop silhouette recoils sucking in all sound around it and exploding towards you with unrelenting force. You are about to experience the Oscar Mike Media podcast, in this life or the next.

So, there’s that. Now, how about I tell you a bit about what we talked about?

[drop2]We opened with the news of the South Park RPG, Stranger’s Wrath price and filesize on PSN and the US prices leaking for the PS Vita memory cards. Well, we opened with one of the weirdest introductions to a podcast ever but then we did the news bit.

Following on from that, I talked about Kirby and Lewis talked about Horrible Bosses before Kev(in) did some comic chat, focussed mostly on the continuing brilliance of the Flash reboot. I give my verdict on this week’s podcast homework – Good Shepherd and Page One before Kev(in) tells us a bit about an iOS game he’s been playing that definitely isn’t about horses.

We got through the sensible bits of the podcast, including the movie audio competition and the quiz, fairly quickly this week – without Kris to delay things with his constant acting up. We then spent way longer than usual talking about questions we got from you guys. Which is lovely.

Kris wasn’t on this week because he was doing something in the real world with websites and radio shows that aren’t full of bad jokes and swearing.

I should probably let you all know that Steven (resident nutter) suggested a very weird activity for the podcast that you can read about in the forum post here. We need your help to make it happen and it might be a bit of fun so please do join in!

Oh, I should also let everyone know that ScreenDemon.com is holding a very exciting competition in which you can win a Blu-ray player or ten DVDs of your choice (from our list). Head over here to check that out and while you’re there, sign up and join in on ScreenDemon too!

  • To enter Lewis’ movie audio competition email your answers to lewisgaston[at]screendemon.com.
  • You can send questions via email to podcasts[at]thesixthaxis.com.
  • You can also tag your questions on Twitter with #tsacast and, provided you’re not on a private account, we’ll see them in our search each week. Finally, general TSA lunatic, SolidSteven, set up a questions thread in the forum.

This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Excellent podcast guys. I think you caused Lewis to throw a silent hissy fit by answering too many questions. ;) Peter, you do know that you are not supposed to eat the kee wiis(or however you spell them) with the hairy skin on right? Also Kevin, kevin, KEVIN, i just wanted to annoy Kevin by saying Kevin lots of times in this comment. It is related to the Kevincast. >:)

    Something tells me that Kris won’t allow you to spend more then an hour answering questions.

  2. It was Kev(in) that ate the kiwi skin! He kind of sanded it down a bit first though, to get the hairs off.

    • Why would Kev(in) eat kiwi skin? Did he give the kiwi a Brazilain strip then?

      • Right, lets just stop it now shall we.

    • Why sand it down? They’re perfectly fine to eat.

      Downloading now, I’ll give it a listen a bit later.

    • surely if something can be shaved, that’s a pretty good indication you shouldn’t eat it.

      well as far as fruit is concerned, the rule is definitely not universal. >_>

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UX__4aHwYzM – that may or may not help you out there Kev! But the way I try and make people say my username is Ad-E-Mus, but most just shorten it to Adie!

    Also your wrong! The correct answer was Mango. But ill just copy my less serious question for next weeks podcast or well this weeks, or well…. erm ye whatever!

  4. I never have the time to listen to all the podcasts.. i wish i had as i feel i’m missing out.. :(
    Of course if i thought people were going to sing on it i would definitely make the time .. ;)
    I’ve just realised i will be away from the internet for xmas which is a pity. Last xmas i was snowed in so TSA was a good place to touch base and see what all the other merry pranksters were up to. I believe there may have been some ‘singing’ in the comments section.. :s

  5. thanks for fitting my questions in.
    more than one protagonist for GTA V could be an interesting proposition.
    i’d really like to see a female character among them though, we’ve had a dozen GTA’s so far and every single one has featured a male lead.
    it would be nice to see a women in a GTA that isn’t just a romance option or there just to give you motive to hate the villain of the game when he kills her.

    i know they can’t do the create a character thing like Saints Row does, GTA characters usually have more history.
    but i think telling the story of a women in the usually male dominated criminal groups that populate the GTA games would be interesting.


    Peter, i respect your opinion, even when it’s wrong and deviant, so i won’t judge you for choosing jammie dodgers over jaffa cakes.
    you’re entitled to that view, and i’ll defend your right to express it.

    even though it’s just WRONG. >_<


    also about the question regarding content being cut out to sell as dlc.
    personally i believe they do cut content out to sell, or to use as part of their anti preowned jihad.
    just look at the catwoman content from Arkham City, as a, for example.
    and i have no doubt ea do it, just look at how tightly integrated into the game a lot of the dlc they sell is.
    it's clear there's some that is not additional content but part of the game that has just been sectioned off.

    maybe i'm just being cynical though.
    is it even possible to be too cynical about ea? o_O

    • I don’t know, the whole saints row thing seemed to work with regards to back story and weve seen its possible for games to work with both sexes (mass effect).

      But I too would be intrested to see the take on a woman character in a male dominated crimnal society, would make for a more intresting story in my opinion!

  6. WOOT
    won again xD 100% success rate so far!
    Great podcast as always :]

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