Some Heavy Rumouring About Vita Game Prices

Last week, we had a little bit of a scare when we saw the US pricing for Vita memory cards. This week, we might have a little bit of good news for excited Vita early adopters. If ThriftyNerd is to be believed, download pricing might be very reasonable indeed.

Apparently, a Sony spokesperson has told that site that Vita games at US retail will be price capped at $39.99 – which traditionally equates to around £30 in the UK. While Downloads from the PSN for the same games will be priced at around 40 per cent less – roughly $23 (edit: apologies, my mental arithmetic is crappy – it’s actually closer to $24). The Sony rep acknowledged that there are significantly fewer overheads in digital distribution so costs could be kept down, something that the PSN store has tended to ignore up to now.


The question of how retailers will take this kind of undercutting remains to be seen, with the assumption being that they dislike cheaper prices for downloads as they don’t profit from them. Perhaps they’ll be assuaged by the profits they make on PSN pre-paid cards and those expensive memory cards?

We should stress that this is in no way confirmed by Sony, it’s based solely on a conversation at a “recent Sony Vita event”. We’d like it to be true though, it would certainly make those memory cards seem less extortionate. Especially if we all need to buy one Vita each

Source: ThriftyNerd via VG247



  1. hope it true

  2. Sony have been pricing Sony games below retail for a while. Ghost of sparta was a fair bit cheaper as 2 download. The likes of EA haven’t been and i’d be surprised if Sony could do anything about their digital pricing

    • That’s true, Sony’s first party PSP download pricing has been much more sensible than the third party stuff. Sony can enforce a cap on that stuff though, if they really wanted to.

      Whether that’s their responsibility is another matter but silly download pricing was part of what made the PSPGo such a disaster and I’m confident Sony don’t want that issue infecting the Vita’s chances for success too…

    • exactly what i was thinking. FIFA for over £50 for a download!?!?! I’ll have to see it in writing/contract to believe all vita games will be that price

      • Yeah, there are some totally ridiculous prices on the Store atm

  3. Pricing the PSN games cheaper than their physical versions has to be the best way to get consumers onside with the idea of changing their shopping habits. I’d consider myslf a pretty heavy PSN purchaser but the only full game (i.e. one also available on disc) I have ever forked out for was Ghost Of Sparta which was not only cheaper as a download but also included a bunch of extra stuff when bought over the PSN.

  4. This’ll only be Sony published stuff if anything. I won’t be downloading though based on the shitty one account nonsense.

    • Wasn’t there something saying you had to authorise disk games against a PSN account anyway? I can’t remember now.

  5. Cheaper pricing for PSN versions is the sensible thing to do. There may be more profit due to no disc/case manufacturing but I would be nice to see consumers get something in return for buying it digitally. Personally I like having the physical version, but it downloads are cheaper then I would convert to them.

  6. I said before that the sweet spot for me for Vita games would be around 30 quid so this is good news if true.

    • Yeah, although hopefully they won’t be selling the vita at too much of a loss, unlike the PS3 (as we all know did so at launch) so can probably afford slightly cheaper games. It’s all very tempting I must say…

  7. This would be a huge difference maker for me. The Vita could have the best features in the world but I still wouldn’t be interested in it if, like with the PSPGO, I was going to be charged a small fortune everytime I wanted a new game off the PSN.
    Still probably won’t get one though as the Iphone is the only logical choice for portable gaming these days

    • iOS logical choice for portable gaming?
      Not for me.
      Portable gaming for me needs to be deeper than the crap I can get on my iPad. Sure, some are addictive, but only one actually gives a gameplay experience to rival my PSP or DSi- Football Manager Handheld 2011, which is just a cut down port of the PSP game anyway (Although awesome with touch screen).

      Anyway, until Apple or Sony come up with a better portable game than Pokémon, Nintendo will remain King of handhelds.
      Although the Vita may be better than the 3DS in every other way, it has no Pokémon…

      • True, I suppose it depends what style of portable gaming you are after really. For me theres no point having big games like Uncharted and Littlebigplanet on a small screen as I have a PS3 for stuff like that. If I am going to play a few games while travelling, stuff like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope are always going to be my first choice.

  8. believe it when I see it :?

  9. Oh hell yes.
    So far, I’ve been happy with all the official information about the Vita, but a rumour I actually like? Unheard of!
    Although this won’t mean 40% less spent for irresponsible me. It’ll mean 40% (or more) games which I’ll never be able to finish because of the humongous backlog I have…

    • I feel your pain mate, I’m putting an embargo on game purchases after Christmas, at least until the Vita is released anyway!

      • I’m doing the same, but the PSN and Steam aren’t helping. 5 €10 purchases seem so much cheaper than one €50 game, and so much harder to resist.

      • Yeah, I’m just trying to make sure the only stuff I get from PSN now is the monthly PS+ update, despite having about 30 quids worth of credit burning a hole in my account!

  10. Can’t see this being true to be honest. Maybe for Sony games but that’s probably it.

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