US Pricing Leaked for Vita Memory Cards

The world’s largest videogame retailer, Gamestop, has pulled the trigger on its Vita memory card prices. The proprietary format cards are available in sizes ranging from 4GB up to 32GB and are based on the SD memory card format which is almost ubiquitous these days.

Prices are as follows:

  • 4GB – $29.99
  • 8GB – $44.99
  • 16GB – $69.99
  • 32GB – $119.99

This is significantly more expensive than equivalent SD memory card prices but roughly similar to high performance types of that memory. These prices are also roughly equivalent to the Japanese prices so we would hope that they’re converted into Euro and Sterling accordingly ahead of the February 22nd release date.

Launch window games are being shipped on 2GB and 4GB cartridges but it is thought that, in the future, games might come on cards up to 16GB in size – obviously equivalent sized storage options are required for digital versions of the games, as well as other multimedia content and game saves.

Source: GameStop



  1. Holy fu.

    • Agreed and here’s the damning word – “proprietary”. Silly buggers going down this route but can also see their reasoning.

  2. i hope there are competitors !

  3. Pretty expensive, I can’t understand why Vita doesn’t just use standard SD cards, although I guess Sony just want more control and it means they can bump up the price of the memory cards.

    Do we know the standard RRP for the games yet? If it comes on a 4gb card, surely the games RRP is going to have to be quite high to offset the cost of the memory card? Unless Sony are prepared to take a loss on the memory cards with games on them, and so have bumped up the price for the extra memory cards, perhaps?

    • I can understand that they want their games on special cards that you can’t just plug in to your PC and rip but there’s no reason for them to use special cards for regualr storage expansions besides performance concerns with standard card formats.
      Well, the PSP came with a unusual format and that didn’t help them stop piracy…
      I don’t think publishers pay the street prices for the game cards. Those cards are probably dirt cheap to produce and they just sell them to prices comparable to similarly specced cards.

      • Good point, and hopefully that means other places will sell the cards far cheaper.

  4. Well, compared to normal SD cards these prices seem steep but I remember paying 110€ for a 1GB Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo for my PSP.
    Now I get 32GB of storage for roughly the same amount of cash.
    I’d like to know if they decided to use special cards because they needed cards that provide better performance and didn’t want users buying regular cards and then bitch about laggy games with long loading times. If those Sony cards have the same read/write speeds then it’s just a stupid way to rip people off.

  5. If there are no cheaper alternatives at launch, I’ll go for the 4GB just to cover my ass and then wait out for an SD adapter. I’m planning on buying most of my games on-card anyhow.

    • Same, 4Gb at launch but wait until 3rd party cards are available before buying larger capacities.

  6. Oh wow….. £120-maybe it could be worst when its finally revealed in the UK…. for a 32gb memory stick right? Ugh I have little choice mainly because of my PSP games on the PS Store.

  7. I can understand Sony wanting more control over the cards to prevent copying, pirating etc, but they may shot themselves in the foot with these prices. I’ll wait for an adapter or cheaper alternatives.

  8. Well…
    It’s cheaper than the PSP equivalents were at launch anyway.
    And that’s the only good thing I can say about the pricing.
    I’m still gonna get a 32gb one though.

  9. The more I see of this machine and in particular it’s price I think this’ll be the first Sony games machine I don’t end up buying. Just can’t justify the cost for the amount of use it’ll get. Mind you, I’m famous for having zero willpower……

  10. will grab a 4gb on launch and off to the states in july so will grab a bigger one over there

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