Modern Warfare Master

Think you’re good at Modern Warfare 3? Want to put your money where your mouth is? Well you don’t have to. In fact, you could be winning yourself a £20 Insert Coin Clothing Voucher, all whilst risking nothing but your pride!

That’s right, we’re running a MW3 competition to see who’s got the best trigger finger on TSA, and we’re reviving the Modern Warfare Master title in order to do so.

So how will it all go down? Well it’s expanded a little from the days of Modern Warfare 2 and will consist of three rounds:

  • Gun Game – 20 Rounds, I will set the guns. I’ll include a mixture of pistols, SMG’s, Assault Rifles, LMG’s, maybe a Sniper Rifle, and perhaps a RPG, so make sure you’re proficient with all the guns!
  • One in the Chamber – 1 Pistol; 1 Bullet; 3 Lives. Last man standing wins.
  • Free For All – A standard Deathmatch. Killstreaks will be restricted to the Assault Strike Package, with the traditional, 3, 5, 7 (UAV, Predator, Air Strike).

The competition’s winner will then be the person with the highest overall score from the three rounds.

The maximum number of entrants is 18 and the competition will take place on Wednesday 14th December at 8PM GMT. The first round will begin at 10 past, so please try to be there on time.

To enter, email gazza[at] with the subject “Modern Warfare Master”, including both your PSN ID and TSA ID before 6PM GMT on Monday 12th December. Entries will be on a first come, first serve basis, and those playing will be announced in a front page post on Tuesday 13th, along with all the settings and maps for the game modes.

Those outside of the UK will be glad to hear that this competition and the £20 Insert Coin Clothing Voucher prize is available to any TSA member, worldwide.

Aside from that, the normal terms and conditions apply.

If you have any suggestions for what maps (or any other settings) you want to see, let me know in the comments. I’ll take all the suggestions into account and make the final decision once all the entries are in.

See you in a warzone soon!

– This competition was hammered into submission by Gazzagb.



  1. I’m up for this! Hard Hat, Mission, Lockdown, Underground or Fallen for map choices. :D

    • Surprise – you’ll have 2 hours double XP tonight! ;)

      • Just noticed and commented on the Clan page. Awesome. Mightily impressed with the membership count and your comment on that guy trying to get in on our Double XP.

      • Thanks, gives me something to do! Since clan events take the 6 best scores from each clan, the bigger pool we have, the more successful the clan should be! Plus, think of all the XP! :)

      • Oh yeah, that guy was a douche, lol!

  2. On it likie a freaking car bonnet,

    Bring on all those secret TSA commies…Hoo Haa!!!

    • “On it likie a freaking car bonnet” What? I’m obviously getting too old.

      • I don’t quite fully understand it either, but it did make me laugh

      • His road safety skills aren’t up to scratch

      • Theres an extra “i” in like. I’ll let you work out where ;-)

  3. I will hopefully be around for this! :)

  4. I hope that you ban the use of overpowered perks as i can see some people using them. I hope those who are entering will have fun. :-)

  5. Out of interest, how come this has a competition, whereas Battlefield 3 hasn’t? I’ve seen very few TSA’ers on this at a regular basis if at all, whereas Battlefield 3 always has a few online amd theres 62 members in the PS3 TSA platoon already? Confusing.

    • I think it’s the lack of a private match function that is stopping a BF3 comp. :-/

      • Spot on. Without functionality to have private lobbies we cannot run a competition in the online component of a game.

        BFBC2 had private games, but BF3 doesn’t. So, no DICE (lolz!)

      • Pretty sure you can just use an empty server?
        Where theres a will, theres a way. Plus I think they’re patching the option in.

      • It’s too much of an uncertainty. Like all the top pro tennis players swanning up to Wimbledon hoping that nobody has booked any of the courts for a fortnight because they forgot to book it that year.

    • Can BF3 have private rooms?

    • there is actually a few of us that are constantly on this :P …..(or is it just me…? lol)

      • Nope, me too! :)

      • Im always on it, either Spec Ops or online.
        I was planning to complete on veteran over next few days, but this comp has scuppered that now ;-)

      • I’m always on it. Working on getting my KD up to over 2.20, and without camping too before anyone says!

    • *Inserts inevitable “because MW3 is awesome and BF3 is poop” comment* :D

  6. Makes me wish I had MW3 :(

  7. Sign me up!

  8. Count me in! I’ve sent my email! Map Suggestions:
    Dome, Interchange, Bakaara, Village, Bootleg

  9. Urgh, and I was the smart arse that bought it for the Xbox…

  10. Ahh dont have this until xmas, still good luck all.

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