Rift “Instant Adventure” Update Goes Live

MMORPGs are huge timesinks, especially if you’re one of the dedicated players looking to reach the “endgame.”  The easiest way to reel in the XP has always been co-operative play, hooking up with friends and hitting quest clusters and dungeons.


However not everyone has the luxury of an active guild (or in Rift’s case, Shard,) and as you approach the mid 40s things may begin to turn sour when playing solo.

With Rift Trion Worlds has developed a new group-finding system suitable for players caught between 45-50.

“Instant Adventure,” as the name suggests, will drop you straight into a scenario with other players which will gradually gain in tempo before ending with a climactic boss encounter; they’re much like your average Rifts though scaled towards high-end characters.


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  1. Guild Wars 2 can’t come out fast enough!

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