Sony: Vita Will Allow Multiple PSN Accounts

Apparently Sony have got their message a little mixed over the whole “how many PSN accounts can a Vita handle” issue lately. After ‘confirming’ only a few days ago that a factory reset would be required to switch accounts, Sony’s Crystal MacKenzie has told Wired that multiple accounts on Vita will be possible – if you’re willing to shell out for an extra memory card.

“Your PSN ID is bonded to your memory card and your memory card is bonded to your Vita,” says MacKenzie. If you want to use multiple accounts, but avoid the whole ‘reset’ rigmarole, you will be able to just insert another memory card – registered to that second account, and containing titles authorised for that second account. “You can also use [multiple cards] on the same PSN account…if you wanted to change different PSN users but use the same memory card, you would need to go factory reset,” she clarified.


Whilst it’s an improvement on the previous situation, the high cost of Sony’s Vita cards means it’s not really a perfect scenario for those looking to either import a Vita from Japan, where it launches later this year, or use games previously purchased on another account.

Source: Wired




  1. But, surely the amount you pay for a memory card would likely be equal or above the amount you would pay for the titles you want?

  2. Actually, I think this is the perfect solution to the problem of switching users, barring the cost of memory cards.

    Of course, it halts downloadable game sharing, but I think Sony have regretted that since day 1 on the PS3, even if blocking it is horrendously unfriendly to legitimate end users.

    On the whole, though, I’m putting this as a +1 to Sony.

    • The mem cards will get cheaper, not too long after launch I hope.

    • +1 to Teflon

      • Teflon is on the money….

    • It still kinda sucks if there’s more than one gamer in the family. I’ve got lots of PS1 games on my account, my brother has a ton of PSP games (he got a Go), we’ll only be getting one Vita, yet we’ll have to buy two laughably overpriced memory cards and all games twice if we both want to play them.

      I’ve pretty much decided that I’m no longer getting a Vita until this stupidity is fixed, and if it’s not, then Sony can forget about getting my money. Probably a good idea to wait anyway since they left out the video-out on Vita (I’m guessing so they can add it in as a feature with the Vita-2000).

      • This x1000^1000

        I have 3 PS3’s and a PSP in my household and I already have to jump through hoops to play my own games on my own consoles not to mention my kids using them. Until Sony come up with something better they can stick their Vita sideways.

      • I do get your point, and it is annoying. But, looking at this in a positive light; since you’re only getting one Vita, you will only have to pay half price for the console itself (if your brother is willing to pay up) so you can spend what you save on splitting the cost for the Vita on a card. And this means you don’t have to worry about your brother messing up your savegames or taking up space, you can have your own card and use it however you like.

  3. this is becoming ridiculous Sony, you over charge us for the memory in the first place then you say we have to buy more overpriced memory to use your other accounts

    • How often do you use 2 accounts on a handheld?

      • well in the case of siblings i would say it would be very often

      • Not in my house.
        My and my sister zealously guard our consoles (at least until she got her own, anyway Until that point, it was me protecting mine).

      • How often do you actually have the opportunity to use a handheld outside of the house?

        I buy handhelds for the exclusives and the ability to play games while the TVs in use. It’s no different from a home console, it should be the case that I’m allowed to share it with siblings without bumping into moronic DRM.

    • Sony is just doing what MS is dowing. Charging people more than is necessary!

  4. I might be completely mistaken, but wasn’t the PSP also “tied” to one account? Sure, it wasn’t a factory reset, but I distinctly remember having to delete my account, add the new one, download something, delete that account, install my old one. Cumbersome but it’s hardly a big deal – is it?

    • Yep. It’s annoying, but hardly a deal-breaker.

    • Hardly a big deal if it was free. Yet we pay for it and agree to much less value. That’s just the kind of consumers we are.

    • The Vita isn’t the PSP, this is a proper online console. Say you want to play a game that a family member has purchased (and plays on that very Vita), you cannot use your own account because the game is linked to the original account (and hence the card). This means no friends list, no trophies and no cloud saves (hence no save migration with the PS3), plus the added annoyance of your saves not being separated from theirs.

  5. Still not best pleased with this situation. While it’s a bit better than what was announced last week, it still could get more expensive than it should be.

  6. Really guys? You don’t hear photographers whine about expensive memory cards and much more expensive cameras.

    • We do… We moan a hell of a lot over all the kit we want.

  7. Nope, still no good. Displeased.

  8. Games across more than one account. This affects, what will be, a tiny percentage of people who import the Vita. This method still means you can have games across two account, but Sony are effectively charging £30-£40, which over the lifetime of the console isn’t bad and better than not at all. If you need to have your games across 2 Vita’s you’re mad, insane or a games journalist (so, mad & insane then..) Move along now.

    • what about when your first Vita breaks, gets stolen or left on the bus?
      I personally think this is not such a bad thing, it’s a minor inconvenience to me outside of extreme circumstances, but anything that limits consumer choice has got to be a negative, whether it’s a big one or not…
      Also, “Move along now”? Really? Attempting to stifle discussion you don’t agree with? Let people have their say.

      • How is left on the bus different from stolen?

    • I assume you’re talking about retail games, but digital games and DLC are downloaded to the memory card. And since you got to swap memory cards in order to change profiles, you can’t share games in any meaningful way, which is kind of a big deal. It’s another case of Sony crippling it’s own online infrastructure.

  9. Slightly better, at least there’s a solution for those that will need it although it comes at an extra cost.

    • Agreed.

      Two card slots would be great for this purpose, and seeing as they are expensive people may buy 4gb then another 4gb, instead of forking out for an 8gb in one go.

  10. So does that mean you can have Multiple memory cards for your PSN account?

    • Yes…

      “You can also use [multiple cards] on the same PSN account…”

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