Skyrim: The Adventures Of Strongfury – Series Finale

[Note: The Adventures of Strongfury Contains Skyrim Spoilers. This entry will contain the ending to the main story quest so BEWARE. Part One, Two, Three & Four]

Loredas 19th Heartfire 4E 201

I returned to High Hrothgar and spoke to Arngeir about the Shout I need to learn to defeat Alduin. He said he didn’t know and that I shouldn’t be searching for it anyway. He believes that if the world is to end then let it be. Old fool, I will not stand idly by and watch the world burn because he doesn’t care enough.


Luckily, we were reminded that Arngeir is not the voice of Greybeard authority. Paarthurnix made it clear he wanted to meet with me personally and Arngeir, unhappily, conceded. The Greybeards taught me a new shout to clear the path to Paarthurnix, which I did, and then I made my way to the top of the Throat of The World alone.

Paarthurnix is not what I expected and I didn’t know what to make of him. He is ancient and has watched the world go by for a long time. Paarthurnix believes it is time to finally defeat Alduin and stop the world from ending. However, he also doesn’t know the Shout but said he knew where the phrase may be hidden. Something called an Elder Scroll. Paarthurnix explained the Elder Scroll is not just a bit of parchment but a piece of existence itself and it may be difficult to find, he couldn’t even tell me where to start. However, he told me to ask the other Greybeards for any clues as to its location.

I descended the Throat back to High Hrothgar and spoke again to Arngeir. He told me that the mages at the College of Winterhold may know of a Scroll’s location, but he basically called it a fool’s errand and that the world should be allowed to end without a fight. His lack of faith disturbs me. I will keep an eye on Arngeir for my trust in him is starting to wane.

Sundas 20th Heartfire 4E 201

I am in some quarters in the College of Winterhold after a very tiring day. I arrived at the College but had to prove I was worthy of entry. That was easy enough when I showed them I was Dragonborn. Once I gained entry, I was asked by a mage called Tolfdir to help assist with a expedition in the ruins of Saarthal, the Capital of the First Nord Empire, which was destroyed by the elves during the Night of Tears. That event gave rise to Ysgramor and the 500 Companions. I agreed, believing it best to gain the Mage’s trust.

My first task was to find anything that looked like an interesting artifact. I found a few and turned them in. Then I found an amulet on the wall. I took it and was immediately trapped. Tolfdir told me to put the amulet on and use some magic against the trap, which I did. A huge crash followed and where the wall once stood there was now a passageway, an ancient hidden path of Saarthal.

Tolfdir and I decided to explore the passageway and soon enough came upon a small room. I was confronted by a vision, purporting to be a member of Psijjic Order which warned me of great danger ahead. Tolfdir claims he saw nothing. We pressed on and eventually found ourselves in a circular room. It was here the first Draugr attacked. We fought back and managed to defeat them quickly. Tolfdir started looking around and told me to go on ahead. I did, passing some puzzles to gain access to more of the ruins and fighting off more Draugr. Eventually I came upon a large hall with a large dark orb suspended in the air. In front of the orb sat a Draugr in a chair.

At this point Tolfdir arrived and we went to investigate. It was then that the Draugr awoke and attacked. It was clear this was no normal Draugr, and for a while it felt like he was invulnerable to our attacks. Eventually Tolfdir found a weakness and we exploited it, finally managing to destroy it.

I found a piece of parchment on the desk next to where the Draugr had sat. According to the letter, the corpse was Jyrik Gauldurson who had been sentenced to being held in this place for betrayal and murder. It may be something to look into.

I returned to the College and told the Arch Mage of our discovery. He thanked me and went to have a look. Meanwhile, I went to find information about the Elder Scroll. I was informed that a Mage named Septimus Signus had studied the Elder Scrolls his whole life, but he had retreated to the icy wastelands north of the College.

I got some provisions and made the journey north to try and find Septimus. Eventually I found the camp he had built next to a Dwemer artifact. He has gone slightly mad from loneliness and some exposure to the Scroll’s knowledge. However, through his madness he did tell me where I might find the Scroll, along with an object for obtaining its knowledge.


The same place I retreated from when the enemies became too numerous. I think it is time to face that challenge again.

Morndas 21st Heartfire 4E 201

I have the Elder Scroll!

It was a hard fought battle to get through Alftand as the Falmer seemed to have had boosted their numbers since my last venture, and the location of the scroll was in a vast underground area that was bigger than even some of the surface towns. The Falmer had set up their own camp in this area and there were quite a few of them, which was to be expected.

[drop]What I didn’t expect though was for the Falmer to have servants. Men and women of all races were serving the Falmer and even protecting them. They tried to swarm me when I made my presence known, but they were weak from a lack of food and I defeated them. I hope it was some kind of mercy because why would anyone want to be a servant of the Falmer?

I didn’t have time to dwell though and eventually I found the location of the scroll. I took Septimus’ object to inscribe the Scroll upon and went to work on the machinery to release the information. I thought the process would just inscribe the object but no, it gave me the Scroll itself! Armed with this I went back to Paarthurnax to learn its power.

And what power it was. The scroll allowed me to gaze into the past upon a scene that took place on the Throat of the World hundreds of years ago. I watched as dragons and the Heroes of Old fought each other in the final battle of the Dragon Wars. My attention was drawn to three Heroes, Gormlaith Golden Hilt, Hakon One Eye & Felidir The Old. They were in the midst of battle with Alduin himself and it was from watching them I learnt the Shout to bring down dragons. Dragonrend.

I also witnessed them banish Alduin with the aid of an Elder Scroll. After that the vision went and I was again aware of my present surroundings. That was when the shadow fell on the mountainside. Alduin had arrived to stop me himself. he had come just a little to too late though and I now had a power to defeat him. I Shouted at him and made him come to the ground so we could battle properly, me with Wuuthrad, him with his teeth, wings and fire.

I still knew I could not beat him face to face so I went for his legs. He was extremly powerful, even calling down balls of fire from the sky!

The battle lasted an age and I thought that I would die on this mountain like others had before me. However, I would not let my final act allow Alduin to destroy this world. I gathered my final strength and buried Wuuthrad in his wing. He roared and flew away like a coward. To find out where he went, I must capture one of his allies.

The only place where one could possibly capture a dragon is Dragonsreachs in Whiterun.

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  1. You should have put a line in there shouting “FREEDOM!”. All joking aside, good job mate.

  2. I cant wait to play this game

  3. Couldn’t wait for x-mas so went out and bought this for myself last weekend. Dumped about 15 hours into it and am still only a short distance away from the starting villiage. Keep on deiscovering places. Loving it.
    Godd job OJ on the series, loved reading them!

  4. A great read once again. I will have to come back and re-read it as I haven’t completed the main quest line yet, so skipped parts of the text. Even so fully enjoyed reading all the parts of the series.

  5. A thoroughly enjoyable read once again. Great stuff!

  6. EPIC.

  7. This brought a tear to my glass eye…
    Good job Aran! I’ll miss reading this :-)

  8. Question for Strongfury – when in combat, did the opponent ever aim a missile weapon at your patella?

    Apparently it’s a common tactic in that region…

    • I took missile based weaponry to the patella. I also took blade based weaponry to the chest, and magic based weaponry to the face.

      Those guards were terrible adventurers.

  9. You tell a great story, I’ve played and finished the main quest but I still loved reading your adventure! I shall miss these. Perhaps you could do a follow on when you’ve finished some of the side quests.

    Good work mate.

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