Skyrim: The Adventures Of Strongfury – Part Four

[Note: The Adventures of Strongfury contains Skyrim spoilers. Parts One, Two & Three]

Turdas 10th Heartfire 4E 201

Another damned dragon attack, this time while I was in Riften where I have been keeping low for the past few days. Just needed to rest.

This dragon didn’t seem as powerful as the ones I have fought before and, with some help from the town guards, was beaten relatively quickly. It wasn’t much of a fight and it didn’t even seem to resist when I engaged it head on. However, it had to be put down. To celebrate our victory, we went back to the inn and I somehow ended up in a drinking contest with a man named Sam. He said if I could beat him he would give me a staff.  I won… I think.

I woke up, my head feeling like it had been hit with a Giant’s club and noticed I wasn’t in Riften anymore. This I discovered when a Priestess of Dibella told me to wake up. It appears Sam and I somehow got to Markarth and trashed the Temple of Dibella. Oops. I helped clean up a bit and then asked about Sam. The priestess told me Sam said something about Whiterun before leaving. I decided to follow in his steps.

When I arrived I was met by one of the merchant women telling me of the stories from earlier. It appears I had passed through Whiterun on my way to desecrating Dibella’s shrine. And now I think I know why I was at that temple. Apparently I have a fiancée. And Sam was to be the best man. What in the Divine’s names was I drinking last night?!

Ugh, I need a lie down.

Fredas 11th Heartfire 4E 201

[drop]No sign of Sam or my apparent fiancée today but even without them my day has been ridiculous. I’m half convinced it was all an illusion or dream brought on by the drink. I mean, how else could I run into two Daedric princes in one day? TWO!

First was Molag Bal in Markarth, who seems to have possessed an abandoned house and is now waiting for a priest to pray at his altar to ‘cleanse’ it. I couldn’t exactly say I wouldn’t do it since he trapped me in a damned cage until I accepted the task of bringing him the priest, who had not arrived when he was supposed to. Maybe I can put it off, considering the Daedra seems to be trapped. Then again that could be a dangerous mistake.

I then made my way to Solitude, putting this Daedra prince to the back of my mind, intent on finding Sam. However, that soon came to an end when an old man begged me to find his master. Okay, I thought naively, shouldn’t be hard.

The first alarm bells should have been ringing when I was told the master was trapped in a closed section of the Palace. I should have asked how someone gets trapped in a locked area but I went to investigate the area anyway.

When I got access to the deserted wing, I felt a funny turn in my stomach and thought I would pass out. When I shook off that feeling, I looked at my surroundings and noticed I wasn’t in the Palace anymore. In fact,  I wasn’t sure where I was. I wandered about a bit until I found a man and a large table of food. This was the master and it turns out this master is none other than Sheogorath. Daedric Prince of Madness and, yes, he is quite mad.

He told me that we were in the mind of Emperor Pelagius III, a long dead man, where Sheogorath had decided to take a holiday. I told him that he was needed back in the real world and he said he would come with me, provided I could find a way out using only an artifact of Sheogorath’s choosing; something called a Wabbajack.  There were three tasks to complete to escape that place and after some initial mistakes I finally figured out what had to be done. Once the tasks completed, Sheogorath’s servant appeared, and said it was time for them to return to The Shivering Isles, wherever those happen to be. Sheogorath let me keep the Wabbajack and returned me to Solitude.

I would have a drink but I don’t want a repeat of yesterday.

Loredas 12th Heartfire 4E 201

I have ventured to Dawnstar. It is a pretty small town, desperately cold due to the winds coming off of the sea. I thought I would come here to get away from Daedra and dragons. Who would bother me so far north? I got talking to some locals and the statred saying Dawnstar was cursed and everyone was experiencing nightmares. I tried to ignore is as just local talk but then I spoke to a priest who had come to investigate and he said he had found evidence of a Daedra curse. Sigh…

I’ve had it with Daedra so instead they can wait while I find the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller.

Sundas 13th Heartfire 4E 201

What a scene!

I arrived in Ustengrav, Jurgen Windcaller’s tomb, and found mages and draugr battling each other. It was a huge battle and bodies littered the ground. I don’t know why the mages were there. Maybe they had come for the Horn, maybe they were trying to find some sanctuary. All I know is that everyone and everything in there wanted everything else dead. I had to fight through the battle too, to get to the tomb.

The mages and draugrs weren’t all that waited. There were certain tests to pass before I could get into the tomb and claim the Horn. They were simple enough and easy with my Shouts. I walked towards the place where the Horn would be, only to discover it was gone! All that was left was a note for the Dragonborn to meet the horn’s taker in Riverwood. There was no name. I had to go to Riverwood immediately to find out who else could get through the traps and tests.

Morndas 14th Heartfire 4E 201

Well, that was a surprise. The person who left the note and wanted to speak to me is one who I would not have placed as someone to take huge risks in a million years. I won’t mention her by name considering the danger she is in, and who knows who will one day read this. All I can say is that the Blades never went away and have been waiting for the next Dragonborn to appear. Of course, she wouldn’t accept I was Dragonborn just because of the note I possessed. She wanted me to slay a dragon and absorb its soul as proof. She knew a dragon was located near Kynesgrove so we made our way there.

When we arrived the scene I saw was frightening.  A dragon was hovering above a dragon’s tomb and chanting. It was the same dragon from Helgan, so the one I slayed in Whiterun was not what I thought. It looked right at me, uttered the word Dovahkiin and flew off. Just as it started to leave, another dragon broke up from the tomb, returned from the dead. The dragons were being resurrected!

We couldn’t dwell on it long as this resurrected dragon attacked us. Again. It was weak having just woken and we dispatched it quickly enough..

Afterwards, my Blade companion said she had was suspicious of Thalmor’s motivations and their role in the rise of the dragons. She said she would find a way to get me into the Thalmor Embassy. While she does that I must go back and speak to the Greybeards.

Tirdas 15th Heartfire 4E 201

The Greybeards have given me their blessing after passing their trials, including recovering the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller. I have not yet told them of the assistance of the Blade, and will hold that knowledge back until I have learnt more.

I feel the Greybeards aren’t telling me everything.

Middas 16th Heartfire 4E 201

The day of a party in the Thalmor Embassy and I managed to get an invite, thanks to my Blade friend. I had to store much of my gear with the Blade but an informant managed to sneak in the items I would require to find evidence of Thalmor involvement in the return of the dragons. First a distraction had to be caused so I could get away from the party undetected. It seemed luck was with me as a Jarl, who I have done work for, greeted me and when I asked she said she would do whatever I needed. She managed to cause quite the scene and I slipped into the kitchen with help from the informant.

[drop2]Things didn’t go as simply as I planned. Thalmor soldiers found me and I had to fight my way through to the Ambassador’s chambers for evidence. Although I didn’t leave empty handed, all I found shows that the Thalmor are also in the dark about the dragons. Instead it seems they were hunting for another Blade by the name of Esbern who is an expert on dragons and lore. I also discovered something that changes everything about the Civil War but that will have to wait.

I escaped the Embassy and told my Blade ally about Esbern and where the Thalmor expected he was hiding in Riften in The Ratway. It’s a good thing I know my way around the Ratway and have allies in the Thieves Guild down there. I arrived and was informed by the Guild that I wasn’t the only one looking for Esbern. The Thalmor had arrived. There was a large party of them and I had to kill them all before they found Esbern. It was hard but by using my knowledge of The Ratways I managed to split the enemy up and take them down.

I found Esbern, who was rightly paranoid about his life and I told him who I was. He let me in after I explained and told him we had to leave immediatley in case more Thalmor showed up. He grabbed some of his belongings and we got out. As predicted more Thalmor awaited us and we had to fight our way out. Eventually we made it and got back to my other Blade ally.

Fredas 18th Heartfire

For the past two days Esbern has been teaching me about dragonlore and what our next move should be. He told me about a place called Sky Haven Temple, an old forgotten fortress of the Blades, and within it a prophecy wall called Alduin’s Wall.

Alduin is a dragon god and the one who attacked Helgen as well as the one who resurrected that dragon in Kynesgrove. To stop the dragons we must defeat Alduin.

We made our way to where Esbern said the Temple was located. As we neared a dragon attacked us. This one was much more powerful than the previous two I had encountered. It had been around for a while and the fight lasted for what seemed like an age, but finally myself, Esbern and our Blade ally managed to slay the beast.

We entered a cave and through it we found a huge structure, still in a good condition despite the years it had lain empty. It is an impressive structure and to have endured so long, lost among history, is remarkable. We made our way into the main hall and found Alduin’s Wall, which prophecises the fall of Alduin at the hand of the Dragonborn, me.

It looks like a certain Shout will stop Alduin, but what that Shout is was not recorded. The Greybeards should know and I must return to them, albeit alone. Esbern and our Blade ally will set up base here. After hundreds of years, The Sky Temple is once again alive with activity.



  1. Awesome! Keep the tales of Strongfury coming.
    On a side note Strongfury, is there any “Rimlag” in your adverture thus far? Just curious as there is many a “Rimlag” in mine…

  2. Digital Foundry have done a brilliant technical article on the PS3 mess of Skyrim today. Unbelievable stuff, hope it gets wider publicity this week but none of the gaming media dare go on the attack too hard as ever.

  3. Keep ’em rolling strongfury.

  4. A good read there Strongfury! Your tales of dragons and and Greybeards keep me on task with my own adventure.

    Very enjoyable :)

  5. nice story lol, I cant continue with skyrim my game is stuck on the bit where I have to joing stormcloaks & get the leader to come talk to greybeards am not happy as this is ruining my game play and cant continue the quest have to do side quest until a patch come out

  6. I’m bored of Skyrim now, but not bored of these! Keep the adventures coming!

  7. hehe when I went to skyhaven, I had to fight 2 dragons and 2 camps of forsworn at the same time.

  8. Still really enjoying these :)

    Personally I love the Daedric quests – you get the best loot from them and they’re usually really fun. The one for Mehrunes Dagon is pretty cool.

    I just finished the main story line about an hour ago, it’s all kinds of awesome!

  9. Dammit, why do i keep reading these when i know it contains spoilers!?

    Excellent entry Aran. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention that Sheogorath is the Champion of Cyrodiil.

    • I know what you mean. I’ve hardly touched the main quest stuff myself. But it is highly entertaining to see how someone elses adventures develop in a totally different way to mine.

      Good stuff Strongfury!

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