Skyrim: The Adventures of Strongfury – Part Three

[Note: The Adventures of Strongfury contain Skyrim spoilers. Part 1. Part 2.]

Morndas 31st of Last Seed, 4E 201

An old woman has died by my hand, a woman who ran an orphanage. I did it because a child begged it of me, telling me stories of abuse. I did not set out to do it, imagining the child exaggerating his plight but I went to the orphanage and saw the child was right. The children were fed only once a day, mocked, ridiculed and hurt. There is no telling how much pain this woman caused to these children and they called her Grelod the Kind,out of some dark humour. I waited until darkness and struck then, leaving little trace of the deed. I returned to the child and told him the task was complete. He thanked me and then thanked the Dark Brotherhood. He believes I am one of them.

Speaking of the Dark Brotherhood, a third assassin came for me today while I was alone on the road. He was quick but I was stronger and after a quick fight he lay dead. I am still no closer to finding out who has employed them to kill me.

[drop2]Tirdas 1st of Heartfire 4E 201.

The roads have become more dangerous since this war begun. Bandits have grown bolder, setting up camps on the roads themselves knowing soldiers are too preoccupied to deal with them. I even encountered a group trying to poach a mammoth. Poor fools were killed by the mammoth quickly. I can only imagine that desperation led them to that.

Though a minor event, it has had a profound effect on me. If I am to defeat the dragons I need every skill at my disposal. This has led me to seek out the Thieves Guild in Riften.  The Guild is nothing like the legends I heard about, really just a lot who feel sorry for themselves. We are in a time where survival is all about having a variety of skills at your disposal. To learn these skills I must break the law.

Before I joined the Guild, I had to go through a few tests to test my skills, one of which was to make it to the gang’s hideout without coming to harm. I managed to do this but there were some close calls where I almost failed. The hideout itself is in the sewers, the Guild being nothing more than opportunists. They need to be changed but first I have an urgent matter to attend to.

Middas 2nd of Heartfire 4E 201.

I found Jaree Ra the Argonian, who had instructed me to extinguish the lighthouse flame and then tried to have me killed. He was based in a cave with his Black Maurauder friends. Of course, being the coward he is, Jaree Ra sent the Maurauders after me first but my anger was so relentless I dispatched them one by one. Only one of the Marauders gave me a real fight, I guess their captain.

Jaree Ra eventually charged me but he was too weak to overpower my rage and I will not lie when I say I took great satisfaction in the moment before I killed him, seeing the fear in his eyes. I crushed his skull and he fell at my feet. Not only did I avenge myself but I feel I avenged those dead sailors. I hope they have found peace.

Fredas 4th of Heartfire 4E 201.

For the past 2 days I have been investigating murders around Windhelm. All the victims were young women, such a waste. I took it upon myself to patrol the streets tonight to find whoever was committing these acts. I may come across as a hypocrite for I have killed myself, but I try not to kill innocent people. These women were murdered for no real reason. I made some mistakes during the investigation which led to the death of another woman, a blame I will carry on my shoulders. However, the murders are now at an end and the killer shall never strike again. It seemed he was trying to practice necromancy, a foolish and dangerous endeavour especially in Skyrim, where Nords do not practice even basic magic often.

I thought that would be the end of my eventful day but as I came to write this a courier gave me a note. He could not describe the author of the message bar telling me he wore a dark hood. I have just opened it in the privacy of my rented room. It has a black handprint with the words “We know” written underneath.


Loredas 5th of Heartfire 4E 201.

Today I hunted a dragon. There were rumours around Windhelm that one was dwelling in the mountains nearby so I decided I would have to look for myself, to see if the rumours were true. I gathered provisions for the journey and headed for the mountains. It was a clear day, though a deep chill was in the air and as  I journeyed up the mountain slowly. I listened for any sound but for a time I heard and saw nothing. Nearing the top I believed I had wasted my time and was about to turn back when I heard it. A huge roar shook the ground and then a shadow appeared in the sky.


I barely had time to dive out of the way as it fired ice at me. My warhammer would prove useless here so I took my bow and some arrows, which I tipped with poison, and fired towards the beast. Many missed as the dragon flew around but a few met their mark. They just served to infuriate the dragon. I knew I had to make the dragon land, so I started retreated down the mountain path, which would be obscured by the high walls making it difficult for the dragon to get me from the air. My plan worked and the beast landed. I took the warhammer off of my back, facing off, ready for battle.

[drop]It was then I felt a pain in my back, I looked over and saw an arrow? I turned around and saw bandits coming for me. I can only assume madness had consumed them as they went for me and not the dragon. Now I felt trapped and thought I would die there in the snow but no! The dragon had seen the bandits too and attacked them. They didn’t have time to mount a defence before they had been consumed by ice, frozen to death. The dragon now turned back to me and tried to charge but I ducked behind it and swung with all might at it’s legs. While in the air dragons are graceful, on the ground they aren’t fast movers. I kept dancing around it, swinging my warhammer and hitting the beast, moving before it could target me. After what seemed like an age the dragon drew its last and collapsed. Once again I enveloped it’s soul and I felt myself get stronger.

It is time to see the Greybeards.

Sundas 6th of Heartfire 4E 201

Today has been intense. I have made it to the Greybeards though the journey itself was perilous. To get to High Hrothgar, the Greybeards home, I had to climb The 7000 Steps, though many of them have worn away from so much use over the eras. It was not an easy journey with wolves, wraiths and trolls all blocking the path. There were even some pilgrims who prayed at the small shrines on the steps and I learnt some things from them about High Hrothgar.

I reached High Hrothgar at dusk, the scene looking impressive with all of Skyrim at my feet. I was met by the Greybeard Arngeir, who told me that he and the other Greybeards would show me the Way of the Voice. When I arrived there were only 4 Greybeards, though I was told there is ia fifth who lives at the summit of the Throat of the World. Only those who master the Voice can reach him. I also noticed that Arngeir was the only one who spoke, learning that the others were so powerful that even a whisper from them could kill me. So much power here.

We wasted no time in starting the training and the powers were surprisingly easy to learn. The Greybeards were astonished, Arngeir telling me it had taken years for them to learn what I had in a few hours. I can feel the power coursing through my body but I must not let it overwhelm me.

The Greybeards have now given me a task to find the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller as part of my training. It will be done.



  1. I never liked, these things before, never understood the principal of reading about some one playing a game when you could. But after reading this, i like it, it’s a nice take on the game and the roleplay.

  2. this gets funnier as it progresses, but makes me wonder how much longer an article like this can continue for? until Skyrim becomes redundant newsworthy?

    • Don’t worry. I already have a cut off point in mind. Rest assured it won’t go on forever, even though the game would probably be able to generate enough content.

  3. A great read once again. Really like hearing (or reading) about others experiences of Skyrim and interesting to see how it varies from player to player. Look forward to Part 4.

  4. I hate those trolls on the 7000 steps, especially that white bastard near the summit. Thougher then four brick shithouses stacked together to kill. Must visit windhelm and riften soon.

    • Those are a pain at first, but the satisfaction that you get when you realise later in the game that you can dispatch several at once with no bother really is gratifying. And that’s without my Myoll guarding my back.

    • Must be a random thing as I’ve only met 1 troll both times I’ve done that climb. Just ignored it and ran past, seems to be the easist solution, especially at low levels

  5. Only next month and I’ll have my hands finally on Skyrim

  6. Excellent thing to read Aran. :) I think i will ban myself from reading these due to the nature of it. :( If i’m lucky, and if it comes down to £20, i may be able to get it for Christmas. :D

    I can’t wait for Strongfury to meet Sheogorath. Will Strongfury be killed off at some point? as i know that you don’t plan to do it forever.

  7. It took you three posts to reach the Greybeards? Whoa.

    • im close to 20 hours and i’m still on that quest.

      i keep getting distracted by side quests, spiders and dragons!

  8. Must be a random thing as I’ve only met 1 troll both times I’ve done that climb. Just ignored it and ran past, seems to be the easist solution, especially at low levels
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    Thank you very much.

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