Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD On The Way

If it’s not Metal Gear Rising being leaked ahead of tonight’s VGAs, it’s Tony Hawk, who has put his name behind what appears to be a HD remix / best of collection of some of the series’ finest levels.

In short, exactly what we thought it would be a few days back.


Speaking to Joystiq, Hawk said that the ‘HD’ collection would take a few levels from the first two titles (arguably the best out of the lot in my opinion) and wrap them up in a fancy new graphical sheen, putting them out on ‘digital platforms’ early next year.

That’s PSN and XBLA, I’d assume.

School and Downhill are both confirmed, apparently.  School – fine, Downhill I’ve always hated.  If School 2, Venice Beach and Skate Heaven aren’t on there it’ll be criminal.  If they are, I’m in.

This could be wonderful.



  1. There we go, the first two games were brilliance.

  2. NICE. If priced correctly, and done properly, with the best maps, this could be awesome.

  3. Nice!
    Um… what time are the VGAs on?
    Might catch some if I’m still awake.

  4. Oops. Need to remember to pay Comcast so I can actually watch the VGA’s. On topic, excellent news!

  5. Yes finally, Activision have seen some sense. The first two THPS games were awesome. That warehouse level in the trailer I remember being pretty damn good too.

  6. No reverts in that vid, although there’s only one quarter pipe. Hope they add those in for the high score runs.

    Darkslide in the Warehouse? Lovely.

    • Wasn’t this the Hangar level from THPS 2?

      • No. It’s Warehouse from THPS.

  7. Thps2 best sports game ever. That Jurassic 5 tune…was so frickin good to pop n trick too…

  8. Sold!

  9. This has made my day!

  10. Yay, my first Activision game since GH3.

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