New DiRT Announced, Is An ‘Arcade Spin-Off’

Remember when the Colin McRae rally games were all about, well, rallying?  The thrill of a narrow track, the rush of speed, the one-on-one mentality and the ever-present danger that a split second of lost concentration would ruin the whole stage?

Remember how brilliant they were?


And then Codemasters introduced DiRT, which threw away the long-running purity of the series and introduced lots of silly events designed for an American audience that apparently just didn’t ‘get’ time-trial based racing.

DiRT was okay, DiRT 2 was unbalanced and DiRT 3 promised a return to form but didn’t really deliver in the end.

Well, don’t worry, Codemasters have managed to push even harder.  Enter DiRT Showdown, which GameSpot say is “an arcade-style spin-off that takes the extreme-sports elements of Dirt 2, mixes in the Gymkhana events from Dirt 3, and then throws in some Destruction Derby action for good measure.”


“Stunts are integral to winning Hoonigan events,” continues the report, “which make up one of the three types of racing on offer.”

“There’s Smash Hunters, where you have to smash objects within a certain time limit; Trick Rush, where you perform stunts for points; and Head 2 Head, a trick gauntlet where you take on an opponent and compete for the highest score.”

Sounds like it’s about as far from rallying as it could be, then.

And that’s got to the worst ‘music’ I’ve ever heard.



  1. I like the Destruction Derby bit. But just give me Destruction Derby for the PS3. Colin McRae should be about rallying. And yes the trailer music is dreadful!

    • Completely agree. Just give it a different name and run it as a crashfest franchise. Keep the two seperate otherwise fans of one will be annoyed of the other and so on.

      • yes but if they stick DiRT on the end it’ll sell a few extra copies and thats all that codemasters seem interested in now. it’s like the need for speed shift games or burnout crash.

    • It ain’t called Colin McRae…..

    • Exactly. It is no longer called ‘colin mcrae’. Dirt 2, if i remember correctly, was the last one to carry that name.

      • Yup.

      • Ok, I meant DiRT but it was Colin McRae DiRT, then they dropped Colin McRae from the title. It is still the same franchise and as David picked up on it is using the name to sell a game that isn’t an evolution. Like Burnout Crash which was a good game but didn’t sell as well as it could have because people kept saying “This isn’t Burnout!”

  2. Read about this a couple of weeks ago in Game Informer and I really disappointed. I’m solely interested because it’s racing but beyond that, I hated the Gymkhana in 3, wasn’t impressed overall and I really don’t like the direction here. Either go back to proper rallying or at least make GRID alongside this.

  3. That sounds interesting, but really raises the question of ‘When do we call it a new IP?’ Surely a new name would suit this better?

    New franchises can’t keep flopping that badly, do they?

  4. Bah.

  5. I’ll be reserving judgement on this til I see some more stuff. The gymkhana/tricks stuff was my least favourite bit of Dirt3. Having had time to reflect, I enjoyed dirt 2 more. We’ll see.

  6. I won’t be buying this. It’s another step further away from what made Codemasters so great in the past.
    Why they’ve gone this route i don’t know but I would bet there are just as many people interested in a decent Rally sim as there are interested in a Formula One sim.

    • I’m waiting until gameplay is hsown and a demo is played before writing it off ta.

      • *shown

      • I don’t recall inferring that you wouldn’t, but you’re welcome! :)
        Personally i detested the Gymkhana events so i know i’m out and it’s infuriating, given how much i adored Codies for the CMcRae series and this generation has been left without a defining Rally sim – something which Codemasters could deliver on if they set their minds to it.

      • I thought there was a ‘proper’ rally sim late last year? WRC somethingorother?

        No idea if it was any good of course, but that was supposed to be bringing the grittyness back to ralling on consoles wasn’t it?

      • WRC was proper Rally – except sadly not up to current gen visuals.

  7. Well initial impression is meh. Atleast under the DiRT name anyway. Will keep my judgement though til more is shown.

    • Yeah, many miles away from rallying now, suppose it’s just called dirt to save from the failure of a new IP…?

  8. This looks awesome, and right up my street.

  9. I really like all 3 Dirt games.They are well respected, well reviewed (Dirt 2 got a 9/10 from Alex lest us not forget..) and I properly enjoy playing them. There simply is not a market for a straight rally game anymore. Colin McRae rally games were born out of a British super-hero of the sport and a large fan-base. Neither of these are around any more and with games costing so much to develop, they have to have universal appeal otherwise there isn’t a case for making it. This is quite clearly aimed at a different market to sim-racers and a spin-off, not Dirt 4 so I don’t get the cynicism.

    While not my cup of tea, that song is massively popular at the moment.

    • Well the WRC games have taken a tumble in the last two games so I see what you mean. I have all Colin McRae games on the PC from a while back and when DiRT came out I was excited but after seeing what has happened in 2 and 3, I’ve lost interest.

      Btw awesome song, the drill!

      • Same, in the respect of owning all the McRae/Dirt games, however I still enjoy 2 & 3

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head tomhlord. With the rising popularity of crazy stunt driving of Ken Block and Travis Pastrana, pure ralling has lost it’s follwoing. Don’t get me wrong, what those guys do is insane, technically amazing and a joy to watch. But doesn’t translate into a game I enjoy. I would love to see codemasters release a pure rally game tribute to Colin MaCrae, with old school Spec B rally cars!

  10. Sounds like a load of bollocks.

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