New Trailer for BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite is pretty high on my wishlist, so news of a new trailer was most welcome. Well, now it’s been released and in all honesty it’s a trifle disappointing.

What do you think?

Source: GameTrailers



  1. Awesome trailer, so excited for Infinite.

    Glad they toned down Elizabeth’s breasts too. They were really out of place before.

  2. I agree Dan, disappointing in pretty much every aspect from gameplay (or lack of) to graphics. This was possibly my most anticipated game of 2012 too, now it has dropped quite a bit. The previous trailers and gameplay videos were much better.

    • I can see why it’s disappointing as it feels a bit of a non-entity in the “what it’s trying to achieve” department but after what we’ve seen so far there’s no way I could allow this trailer to sully my hopes for a great game. You behave now! :-p

    • How have you come to this conclusion from 1min 12 secs of footage. If anything it’s just kind of reassured my excitement for this.

      • Because I’ve seen so much other footage from the game that was miles above this, that this has come out disappointing, whereas other trailers for other games have now appeared that aren’t disappointing.

  3. And to think, I still haven’t played the original. I may have to get that, then get this, which just looks fantastic.

    • I played Bioshock 1 on PS3 this summer. It is one of the best games this gen IMO. Plus you can get it for some pocketlint these days. If you do get it for PS3, unlock the framerate in the options to get a more fluid game.

    • You shouldn’t get it: they’re giving it away for free with Bioshock Infinite (on PS3)!

  4. Perhaps the weakest trailer of the show unfortunately, it being one of my most anticipated games. But it’s probably still going to be one of the best games next year, and if it’s anything like Bioshock 1, this generation.

  5. It’ll be a shame to depart from Rapture, I absolutely adore that setting. I do however have high hopes for this, simply based off the name to be honest, nothing I have seen so far has left a lasting impression on me.

  6. Meh. Awesome Steampunk setting but the gameplay looks really bland, I feel there could be a better implemented play style than a rather vanilla FPS. Something a bit more RPG/LA Noire-ish involving a conspiracy, where the conversations are a major gameplay element.

    • No offence intended here of course, but i really hope no developers are reading this, as i would hate for Bioshock to go down either of those routes – I know that you said about a ‘vanilla FPS’, but Bioshock is a way above that & neither of the previous games have fallen into this category.

      Unfortunately, every game that i have played recently has had some RPG elements in it (sometimes unnecessarily shoe-horned in) & LA Noire was nothing short of dull, so i really wouldn’t want to see it go down either of those paths tbh.

      Aside from the story, the plasmids & gunplay combo was one of the best things about Bioshock (IMO).

  7. Sooooo looking forward to this. There may be some rehashed footage in there but still a great trailer. Proper pumped for 2012.

  8. Looks great imo.
    Played the original to death on 360, bought 1+2 for PS3 but yet to play em both properly yet :)

  9. Half of me thinks it looks awesome, the other half is reminding me that I hated BioShock a lot.

  10. cant wait to have a go of this

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