MNR: Road Trip To Feature Improved Racing Gameplay

When ModNation Racers re-launches for the PlayStation Vita next year it won’t just be a simple port. San Diego Studios recently posted a short lost of improvements it is making to the core racing gameplay, the first being “controlled” drifting, allowing players more freedom of movement when sliding around corners, with drifts now being easier to link too.

Collisions have also been softened too. Anyone who has hands-on experience with ModNation Racer, especially the online component, will know that accidentally trading paint with obstacles can leaving you in last place for the remainder of the race. In Road Trip these “dead stops” are nullified, making it easy to recover after crashing, auto-correcting your path instead of forcing you to reverse and get back onto the track.


Aside from addition of brakes, the developer also revealed that all PS3 tracks imported into Road Trip will be playable with the improved control scheme.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Modnation was awesome, let down only by horrific loading times and the terrible online meaning races only ever got 4 or 5 people in. Instead of filling each lobby they just created new lobbies and I’ve no idea why. You could also only race against people in your region which was pretty toss. This game was made for vita, if they correct those problems it’ll be an awesome game.

    • Those are the exact three reasons that contributed to me ditching the game despite thinking the core gameplay and concepts were great.

    • Well the psvita has alot of more RAM so the loading times whould be alot shorter :D.

    • Yeah, if they sort those things out I might just be willing to buy it again for the Vita. The track-creation looks much better on the Vita. And it’s the creation I found to be the most fun.

  2. Remember people, don’t create a German SS officer mod with his own chauffeur driven limo-kart as I did in MNR. They banned me for a fortnight! :O

    • The exact same happened to me. :/

  3. THe main thing they need to sort out are the loading times. If that is cut, I’m buying, if not touched, I’m not buying.

    • I’m thinking that loading times for any portable games would have to be reasonably swift and i think the PSP version loads faster – but that is lower quality and the Vita version will look more like the PS3 version so … this may be where the expensively new but faster memory cards will show their value. ;-)

  4. Short lost? ;)
    looking forward to this. Need vita. Need this.

  5. Look forward to playing this on Vita. Really enjoyed the PS3 version and with a touch screen the track creation should be great.

  6. This will be great for the Vita but does it have cross play or whatever its called

  7. This will be great for the Vita but does it have cross play or whatever its called?

  8. Sounds better, got really annoyed by Modnation, might not buy it again unless it’s much better.

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