SW: The Old Republic Now Open For Business

In a week’s time EA and BioWare will be celebrating the launch of hotly-anticipated sci-fi MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

However those who pre-ordered the game have been pre-loading it in anticipation for today’s “Early Access” event which launched at noon, with players still reporting long queuing times, the servers already packed with eager padawans looking to make a name for themselves in BioWare’s debut MMORPG.


If you haven’t looked past the sublime CG trailer, SWTOR is combination of traditional MMO conventions and BioWare’s trademark approach to narrative, the full game sporting hours of contextual spoken dialogue.

Hopefully we’ll have a review in the works over the holidays.

Source: Press Release



  1. If only I had a PC that could run this….

  2. its a great game from what i played in the beta, very very immersive and id recommend it to anone with even a passing interest in star wars but subscription gaming just isnt for me and besides Star Trek online has gone free to play so my time has just been gobbled up :D

  3. I so want to play this, but don’t think my PC will cope unfortunately.

    • This for me too :(

      • Yeah same, or my wife. Especially after the hours I’ve put into Skyrim recently.

  4. What taking so long for Guild Wars 2?!

    And why are the TSA people so excited for this game? I played it! It’s a combination of World of Warcraft gameplay and Dragon Age dialogues in space. It excels in single player content, and yet we have to pay subscription to play it!

    • I don’t see where we should not be excited from what you said here…

      • What I’m trying to say is that this game has no reason being an MMO. Let alone have subscription.

        The MMO parts and the combat were ripped straight from WoW and there is no originality, and then Bio slaped their single player dialoge trees.
        You can’t overload an MMO with Single player content! These two don’t fit together! It’s like Pizza and Ice cream! Each is great by it’s own, but you wouldn’t combine them because the result will be horrible!

        There are much more unique MMO’s out there, that inovate in good ways, and blend their MMO parts with their single player content seemlessly.
        Watch that old video bellow (from start to finish) and the tell what you think compared to SW:TOR.

        I haven’t met a single person who knows of both of those games and still tells that SW:Tor is still better!

  5. To me, this was a game I that looked awesome, until it turned out to be an MMO. I think it would have worked a lot better as a sequel to KOTOR.

  6. I didnt enjoy it when i played the beta just seemed like i have done it all before

  7. I am sticking to wow.

  8. I doubt my laptop will play it, but i really want to, if OnLive added it that would be amazing.

  9. It just didn’t feel right, too derivative and it all just hung together a little oddly for me.

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